Sunday, 10 September 2017

Same Blog But Different

So many things have changed in my life since I was last blogging.  And I am not talking about having a baby and doing those couple of random posts in 2016.  Since 2015 my life has changed significantly and my blog will be reflecting that.

To best honest, I have to say that I am not 100% happy with the way that I use to blog.  I use to follow a lot of other bloggers who posted every day of the week, even twice a day in some instances.  So, I got into the habit of blogging every single day.  My life isn't really that interesting, therefore, I use to blog about the most boring things.  I would blog every single Wednesday about what I ate for that day.  And then the posts about every single thing I did at the gym.  Yawn!

No more posts about what I ate in the day!
I don't plan on blogging like that anyone.  Firstly, I do not have time to blog every day.  I have a one year old, a house, two cats, a husband, a job and a life.  I simply do not have time.  And secondly, it is boring!  I want to blog about the important things to me.  I want posts of substance.  If anyone out there is reading this blog they will continue to read it if they like it, not just because I put a post up every day.  And some of the blogs that I follow where the blogger posts every single day are starting to become boring and full of sponsorship posts - I have no sponsors, so that isn't happening.

I have also changed my attitude towards health and fitness.  To be clear, I do not do the 12WBT (Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation) any more and nor will I ever do it again.  I will discuss this in a post in the future, but the 12WBT wasn't healthy for me and does not suit my lifestyle.

I am currently finding a balance with weights training and running, although I am favouring the running due to an up and coming 10km fun run at the Melbourne Marathon in October.  But I now understand that diet and weight loss is not just calories in versus calories out.  One calorie is not the same as another.  Protein, fats and carbohydrates are also important in losing weight, growing muscle and staying injury free.

Ah, yes, that brings me on to injuries.  I am now working as hard as I can to ensure that I stay injury free.  No more JFDI (Just Freaking Do It)!!  JFDI = Injuries!  Well, in my world it does.  It is now all about listening to my body and being gentle on it.  I am still working hard and pushing myself, otherwise I would just stay in the same place and never grow, but I am making sure I don't go from running 5km one day to 10km the next day because, you know, JFDI!!  Or squatting 40kg one day to 70kg the next.  I have to take my time and listen to what my body is telling me.  If something hurts or feels super uncomfortable it is then time to stop, rest and pull back a bit.

And no more JFDI
I also do have a heap of weight to lose.  I have baby weight plus all the other stuff I added on before I got pregnant.  But, I just plan to do it all sensibly and thankfully I have people in my corner who will help me do this correctly.  Of course, I have the wonderful B, but I also have my PT Ben from STCfit, who is amazing and you shall be hearing a lot about him.  He helps me stay injury free when I do weights training.  He has also educated me about diet and nutrition - he has been so helpful and really has changed my life.  I also have my new fabulous osteopath Kieren, who helps me with all the little niggles in my body.  And then I also have Sam Wood, but more about him later.

You may start to see that some of my old blog posts disappear - I will be deleting some of the boring posts.  I am not that person anymore.  But you will still get to hear about what goes on in my life, how my running, weights training and weight loss journey is going.  There will also be some reflection on being a mum, what I am struggling with and what I am succeeding at.

Hopefully you find my new direction interesting.  If not, that is cool with me.

You can also find me on Instagram - @lady_lou_in_runners . I do post on that nearly everyday.

Take care!

Lady Lou

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