Sunday, 17 August 2014

Injury Update

I thought I would let you all know how my injury process is going.  I am still injured, but I am starting to notice little differences every day.  Some things are getting better whilst other parts of me are not.

My back.  Ugh, my back!  The injection I had in my back a few weeks ago was to reduce the inflammation in SIJ nerve.  This nerve runs from you back into your leg and the inflammation was giving me sciatica, which would give me weird pains in my right leg.  I am not getting any sciatica in my leg, which is fantastic.  However, I am getting a lot of pain in my back, generally at night time.  I have had many nights where I have had a terrible nights sleep due my lower back aching so much.  It has taken a while but I have made a connection between exercise and my back.  On the days that I do lots of walking my back doesn't hurt much at night.  This is probably why I never noticed that I had any back problems as I have always been running or exercising.  Therefore, I am making sure that I do as much walking during the day as possible.  In regards to my treatment, I am not sure if I will need a cortisone injection in the nerve in the inflamed disc or if I will just need to manage it with exercise.

My new best friend!
My hip, glute and hamstring were feeling really good after my injections and I was getting really excited that finally the pain in my glute and hamstring had disappeared.  However, that was short lived as this week I have started to notice that I am starting to get some pain in my hip/glute/hamstring area, which is really disappointing.

My knee is feeling really good and I have had no pain in my IT Band.

I was a little bit naughty yesterday and I decided to go for a 100 metre run on my treadmill to see how my body was feeling.  The only way that I can see how my injuries are improving is to see how I feel when I run.  It use to be from the moment that I would start running that my body would start hurting, however during the 100 metre run on my treadmill my body felt good and there was no pain in my right leg. I know that it would take a run of a significant distance for me to work out how my injuries are going, however that 100 metre run has raised my spirits :)

I have to admit, the 100 metre run felt really good as it has been 7 weeks since I last went for a run!!

I have my appointment with my specialist next Monday, so fingers crossed that I get some good news.

Take care!

Lady Lou

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