Monday, 18 August 2014

A Very Thankful Day

Today was my first day of teaching rounds.  But before I start talking about today I should probably explain my first teaching rounds back in April.  The school that I was originally supposed to go pulled out at the last minute.  My university had organised the school I was supposed to go to, however no one was at uni on the day that I got the shocking email.  I decided to take matters in to my own hands and I emailed my old high school to ask them if I could do my rounds there.  They got back to me a couple of days later and said they had a position for me and I would be teaching Geography. Score!

Little Lady Lou in Year 7.
I loved my first teaching rounds.  The school was familiar to me so I never got lost.  I knew a lot of the teachers.  The school was so beautiful and the atmosphere was great.  All of the students worked hard and were very respectful of the teachers.  There were no boys either!  Everyone was happy.

My teaching rounds this time are at a co-educational state school.  It was a huge shock to the system. Of course, there were the physical differences.  The classrooms looked tired. The grounds needed some maintenance.  Things were broken.

There were also the differences with the students.  Many of the students didn't have the text books - I'm not sure if they never gave their parents the book list or if their parents didn't want to buy them books.  Some didn't have pens or paper.  Some didn't want to be there and kept talking and distracting everyone around them.  A few were darn right rude to the teacher (I have never ever heard a student use the f-bomb on a teacher).

All of this made me really sad and also made me think about my education.  I am very grateful that my parents cared about my education.  They spent a lot of money on me to go to a good school and I am so thankful.  I am not the smartest cookie, but the school environment I was in helped me excel.  I sent my mum a text message today thanking her for everything they did.  I know a lot of sacrifices were made.

I just want to make sure that people realise that I am not looking negatively at people who send their children to state schools.  There are many great state schools out there.  I also understand that they struggle for funding from the Government.  I suppose my issue is that there are parents out there who don't care about their children's education and send them to school without the supplies they need.  And those parents who raise their children not to be respectful of adults.

My day was a little stressful and tiring (watching someone teach is exhausting - I start teaching on Thursday).  I think that B and I will be in bed at 9:00pm as we are both tired and B is sick.  I am very happy with how my eating went today.  I started the day off with Bircher Muesli.

I had my usual lunch of ham, cheese, avocado and tomato toastie. I had strawberries, mandarins and pretzels for snacks.  I didn't take any photos of my meals as I didn't want the teachers at the school to think I was weird.  And for dinner B and I had La Zuppa Italian Minestrone soup, which was so tasty, however, the photo does the soup no justice (we both wanted a quick and easy dinner as we are both tired).

I am having a rest from walking today but I will see how early I get up tomorrow (which depends on how early I go to sleep tonight).  If I get up early enough I might go for a walk before school, which would be lovely!

Take care!

Lady Lou


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