Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Goals for 2014!

Well, it is that time of year when we all start thinking about new goals for the year.  Some people like to call them New Years Resolutions, but I just like to call them goals.  I am very goal orientated, so I love making goals for myself.  It gives me something to strive towards.  I have decided to divide my goals into three categories - fitness, nourish and life.  I am not giving my goals a specific time frame, however I want to get them done by the end of the year.


Run over 1,500km in the year
I really want to increase the amount of running that I am doing, so I have set myself a goal of running a minimum distance of 1,500km over 2014.  That equals about 29km a week, which I should be able to do, even if I take into account illness and potential injury.  I've even downloaded a new app on to my phone for me to be able to log all of my runs over the year.

Run a half marathon in 2 hours or less
In 2013 I had a really good year of running, so I have decided to continue this trend this year.  I shaved 12 minutes off my half marathon time last year, so this year I am hoping to cut another 9 minutes off my time.  This will also help me stay motivated and to keep on moving!

Continue with aerial yoga
I really love aerial yoga, which I took up in the later half of 2013.  I have now advanced to the intermediate class (woo hoo!) and I'm actually not too bad at it either.  I want to keep doing it this year as it really pushes me outside of my comfort zone (hanging upside-down, hanging on a silk fabric with no hands is scary to me) and it makes me feel good about myself as I am doing something others would be too afraid to do.

Try a couple of normal yoga classes
This year I really want to try normal yoga.  I want to go to a few sessions and see how it makes my body feel.  I am hoping that it'll help my muscles loosen my muscles and joints, in particular my pesky IT Band in both of my legs.  And if I like it I'll hopefully keep doing it.


Get back down to my pre-Europe weight
I'm only a few kilograms away from being back at my pre-Europe weight and I really want to get back there!

Me just before Europe - looking good!!

Get back into the 12 Week Body Transformation
I have actually joined the 12WBT for Round 1 2014, which starts in February 2014.  Whilst I am eating healthy at the moment, I want to get back into the 12WBT so I can continue my healthy eating patterns.  I also miss all of the lovely recipes that the program provided.

Track what I am eating on My Fitness Pal
I love My Fitness Pal as it helps me track exactly what I am eating.  It also helps me make sure that I am eating enough on days when I go for huge runs.


Have more date nights with B
Whilst B and I spend a lot of time together, it would be nice to have more date night opportunities so that we can get out of the house.  It might be something simple like going out for dinner and a movie but it would just be nice to do different things together.  I am aiming for having a date night at least once a month.

Hang out with my friends more
Last year I started to realise that I had heaps more friends that I thought I had.  Well, now I want to start spending more time with them.  So when people ask me to catch up, I will go and catch up with them (unless I have a prior arrangement).  I am also going to make more of an effort to invite my friends out too!

Yes, my eyes are shut - I was laughing so hard with my friends at New Years!


I am going to get some new qualifications this year!  I am hoping to get my Diploma of Education, however if I don't get into university I will go and get some qualifications in fitness.

Move forward
I need to move forward.  Some bad stuff happened to me last year, which has really traumatised me.  I have decided that it is really time to move on.  I am in a new year and everything that happened was last year, which was so long ago.  All of those people cannot hurt me and I will never be in that terrible situation again, so it is time to look forward, not backwards!

So there you go!  These are my goals for 2014. Wish me luck on my journey as I achieve them all!

Take care!

Lady Lou!

What are your goals for 2014?

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