Thursday, 9 January 2014

First Bike Ride Of The Year

Yesterday B and I went for our first bike ride of 2014! Actually, to be correct, it was our first bike ride together for the summer too.  The weather hasn't been the best for us to go bike riding together as I don't really like bike riding when it is windy.  But last night was perfect as it was warm, but not too warm, and there was only a little bit of wind.  It was beautiful!

We rode our bikes down to the river and it was lovely as there were so many people out and about.  There were other bike riders, runners, walkers and people fishing.  The air was nice and warm and there was a nice vibe in the air.

B didn't get to use his new bike as it had a flat tyre (I actually had to pick him up from the city the other day as it went flat when he was riding home from work), but he was still happy to be out riding.

I actually did not too bad riding my bike, considering I haven't been on a bike since I was in Amsterdam in May last year.  Thankfully all the running and cycle classes that I do have kept my legs nice and strong.  I can still ride up the hills a lot faster than B (I am so proud of that).  He might be much faster than me on the bike, I have a massive fear of falling off and hurting myself, like I did last year, but only worse.

And as we were riding home, we stopped for a water break and to watch the sun set.  It was so pretty.

Our bike ride went for about an hour and a half, which was a lot longer than we expected.  My running program said that I was only supposed to do a cardio workout for an hour, so hopefully this ride doesn't leave my legs too tired for my run on Friday.  I am not sure how many kilometres we rode, but I did burn over 700 calories, which I was happy about.

When B and I came home, we came home to the cutest thing.  Our two cats were sitting on the couch by the front window waiting for us.  It was really lovely as they obviously missed us and couldn't wait to see us. It was also lovely as our cats very rarely sit next to each other as they don't get along very well.

I then finished the evening off with some core work.  I need to remember to do my core work as it'll help improve my running, as well as help me get a flat stomach!

Take care!

Lady Lou!

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