Sunday, 24 November 2013

Spring Into Shape Race 3 And A Little Bit Of Running

Last week I didn't do a lot of running.  Whilst I had an amazing run at City2Sea, that evening I started to feel a little pain in my right knee.  The next day my right knee was sore, as was my right glute.  It was a sign.  My IT Band in my right leg was sore :(

Since I didn't want this pain to turn into a full on injury like it has in the past, I decided to take things easy.  On Monday I decided to begin the week with a cycle class as I wanted to flush out my legs muscles.  I also decided to go to cycle class as it would be the last cycle class at my current gym.  A new gym is opening up around the corner from my house, so I have cancelled my gym membership to go there instead.  It was a lovely last class and I am really going to miss my favourite cycle instructor, Cathy.

I had a rest day on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I decided to pick things up again, so I went for a 15km run.  Yes, a crazy 15km run!!  And as usual, Melbourne put on it's gloomy weather.

I had a good run as I didn't have a plan on where I was running, I just made it up as I went along.  They are really the best runs as you brain is too busy thinking about where you are going to run next, rather than thinking about how your legs hurt and how tired you are.  I ended up running 15.01km in 1 hour 31 minutes, which I was happy about as I got stuck at a few traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

I took Thursday off from running as I had low blood pressure and was feeling a bit light headed all day.  I think the low blood pressure was caused by Wednesday's run as I didn't have enough salt or electrolytes after my run.  One day I will learn.  I was supposed to go to aerial yoga, but I had to pull out of due to my low blood pressure - hanging around upside down isn't good when you have low blood pressure.

I also took Friday off from running too, however I went out for a small 5km run on Saturday morning to warm my legs up for my Sunday run.  My run was okay, however it ended up raining on me.  And not just a little bit of rain, but a lot.  I was drenched and cold.

And then Sunday was the big day.  It was time to run Spring Into Shape Race 3, which was 15.6km.  I decided to treat this run as my usual long weekly run, however I was going to try and run it at race pace.    But it was a really difficult run, not because of the distance but because of the weather.  It was raining and miserable.

I actually really wanted to go home as I didn't like the weather.  I was feeling a little tired and I wanted to go back to bed.  Whilst I did do the run, I think that I sort of psyched myself out a bit by letting the weather and race conditions get me down.  I didn't feel as strong as usual.

I also had a few technical issues.  All of my running pants were either dirty or were still drying.  I pulled out some pants that I have never worn before (they still had the tags on) and I put them on instead.  During the race my pants kept falling down as they were a little too big, which was really annoying.  I think that also put me off a bit too.

But I was so happy to see the finish line!  I ended up running 15.6km in 1:28:17, which I was happy with.

I learnt two really important lessons from Sunday's run.  The first is that I can run in the rain.  I won't slip over and hurt myself, however I will get all dirty (my legs were filthy after the run).  The second lesson is that you need to stay in a positive mood when you run.  Negative thoughts will not only take over your brain but they will also affect your legs ability to move fast.

Just under two weeks until my half marathon!  I will be training more this week as my right knee is feeling pretty good too.  That rest really did come in handy!

Take care!

Lady Lou!


  1. Hope you enjoy the new gym! I find the Braybrook one can be a bit full of meatheads but its so cheap and they have good equipment. I really must go back to the boxing class one of these days :)

    I'm usually running round the night before trying to find the right pants and top to wear for the run. Although with the gloomy weather I had a few top experiments before being happy with the 2 layers I picked. I do also have pants that I wore once that are too big at the waist and so annoying to run in. I also found running with a cap on even if it looks dorky with my headphones headband, makes me forget about the rain. As its not annoying going into my eyes/face. Good on you for going despite the awful weather!! Good luck with the last 2 weeks until your half marathon :)

    1. I had to laugh at your comment Jen! I found that the people at the Open Day for my new gym were meatheads too! I think it is because they are cheap, have a lot of equipment and are open 24/7. I don't seem to like it as much as my old gym, but I will give it a go until the new year and see how I go.

      And thanks for wishing me luck! Are you running on Sunday too?