Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Learning To Love My Legs

I thought that I would take a little more time to elaborate on how I am pushing forward and accepting myself for who I am.  I always compare myself against other people, which is a terrible habit that I have.  But I know that most other women out there would agree with me.  We all have a part (or many parts) of our body that we don't like or feel insecure about and we are always comparing it to others.  The one part of my body that I always compare is my legs.

I have had a love/hate relationship with my legs for many years.  I would have to say, it has been more of a hate relationship.  I could list all of my issues with my legs!  My first issue would be "They are too fat!" and "My thighs are huge!".  I think that most ladies out there would say that about their legs too.  No matter how much I run and eat healthy food, the weight doesn't budge much.  It also doesn't help it that I seem to compare my legs to B's family members - they all have skinny leg genes!  I could then also add in that I think my legs are too short. I pray that when B and I have children that they have his skinny but muscly, long legs (minus all the leg hair).

I personally wish that I had long, skinny legs.  And legs that didn't have sock tan around the ankles either.

Jennifer Hawkins has legs I'd like - long and toned legs with no sock tan.

But, I have been thinking about how I need to stop beating myself up over the way that I look.  It's my body and there are some things that I cannot change because that's the way I am.  It's in my genes.  I also need to focus on the good things about my body.  I need to focus on all the good features about my legs.

Whilst my legs are not skinny, my legs are the strongest part of my body.  My legs have leg pressed 120kg!  They are strong!!

I didn't leg press 120kg that day...

I have also run thousands of kilometres on these legs.  They have gotten me through a half marathon and numerous fun runs.  And don't forget all of the training between all of my fun runs.  And my fun run times are starting to get faster.  I also find that my legs have really good muscle memory.  If I take a break from running, I never have to go back to learning how to run again.  My legs are always willing to run long distances.  They are truly amazing in that regard.

Me and my legs love to run!!

I also have good looking calves that look amazing when I wear high heels!

So essentially, I have decided that I need to stop comparing myself to others and thinking about how imperfect parts of my body are.  I am the only version of me in the world.  I need to focus on all the good parts about my body.  Sure, I will never have legs that are an Australian size 6.  But I would rather be able to run 10km with my amazing legs, rather than have skinny legs that can't even run 100 metres.

Giving my hard working legs are rest.

I also want everybody else out there who is reading this post to do what I have done.  Look at the part of your body that you really don't like and think about all the positives of it.  If it is your arms, think about how many push-ups you can do.  Or how many children you can carry on each arm.  If you don't like your stomach think about how amazing it has been to grown all of your children within in.  Or how long you can hold a plank for.  Or think about how many cupcakes or chocolate bars you can eat in one sitting (two cupcakes and 330grams of chocolate (I have a sweet tooth)).

I know that not many people post on my blog, but it would be awesome if everyone who reads this could post the part of their body that they don't like but also note the amazing things that it has achieved.

Take care!

Lady Lou!


  1. Lady Lou- I read you blog all the time just don't often have time to comment :) you are right - it is easy to compare yourself to others and I like you, have anxiety issues, verging on depression at times. Before I had kids I used to be a bit of an extremist about exercise and perfection was a bit of an issue. Having kids (along with a fair bit of therapy) has made a massive difference in learning to accept myself and my genes. I would love to have your legs :) when I was a teenager I used to hate my bulky muscly legs and it was just the other week that I realised something. I was at my nieces soccer grand final and watching all these strong, fit, healthy girls with muscly legs running around - and I saw myself as a teenager. I was glad then to see that my chunky muscly legs were a blessing and that when I was a teenager I was actually a normal, fit, healthy girl - rather than the overweight one who couldn't make her legs slim no matter how hard she tried. Loving yourself is harder than it seems - sending you some self love xx

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think we have some similarities. I am hoping that by the time I have children that I can relax a little more and not be so uptight about being perfect. I want to make sure that I have a good relationship with my body and that I pass it on to my kids, especially any daughters I may have. I want to show them at our bodies are beautiful, no matter their size (even if they get my legs).