Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Feeling Good Right Now

The Weigh Out October Commitment started yesterday and you know what, I am feeling good!  I am starting to feel a little bit more positive about life, which is fantastic!  I've only felt this way for a few days, however I hope that it stays around.  It is so nice to feel good about things, which has been the first time since June.

My day started off with a Breakfast Banana Smoothie and an orange.  As I'm not running at the moment I can have milk for breakfast (milk upsets my stomach when I run).  I am also in love with oranges at the moment.  And since I'm at home, I can eat them and make the biggest mess and no one can see me.  Oranges are seriously one of the messiest foods to eat and unfortunately cannot be eaten in public.

I had my doctors appointment in the morning.  My results came back from my x-ray, which didn't show anything, which I wasn't surprised about.  Stress fractures are too fine to show up on x-rays.  I now have to have an MRI scan (which I shall be doing on Thursday) so that my doctor can have a good look at my foot and see if it is a stress fracture or if it is something related to my ligaments, or maybe even something else.  I can't wait until I find out what is wrong as I am missing running so much.

I then caught up with my dad for lunch in the city.  I had the best lunch too!  I ordered a roasted vegetable focaccia and I asked for a side salad instead of chips.  The focaccia was good but the side salad was even better!  It was roasted beetroot and onion with spinach and some nuts.  I seriously could have eaten a huge bowl of the stuff!  I am going to go back there for some more soon.

My dad and I also got talking about what I am going to do in the future.  I have a degree in Applied Science (Planning), which allows me to be a town planner.  Whilst I love being a town planner, I don't want to work in the profession anymore after everything that has happened to me.  The thought of going back to that type of job fills me with so much anxiety and fear.  My dad made a suggestion of a new career for me, which is something that I had considered in the past.  I'd need to go back to university (eek!), but I think that this new career would be good for me.  I'm not going to say what it is as I need to spend more time thinking about it and researching it, but I will let you know once I am 100% sure that this is what I want to do.

After feeling really good after having lunch with my dad, I headed off to the gym for a workout.  I did 12 minutes on the rowing machine and then 40 minutes on the cross trainer, followed by some stretching.  I must remember to wear my weights gloves when I do the rowing machine as I have a huge blister on my hand now.  The rest of my workout was good and I burnt over 500 calories.

I was so happy to be back at the gym exercising!

When I got home from the gym I sat outside and read a book, with a glass of mineral water and some strawberries.  I put my mineral water in a glass I got from Hawaii with some ice and lime.  I was pretending I was anywhere other than in the old Melbourne weather.  It worked, until I kept hearing my cat Roxy crying at the window.  That brought me back to reality.

B and I had a delicious dinner last night too.  We had Wholemeal Tuna Pasta with Lemon and Cherry Tomatoes.  It was so lemony!  I love lemons!

I decided to have a bit of a lazy day today as I'd been busy on Monday and Tuesday.  Breakfast was the same as yesterday and lunch was left over Wholemeal Tuna Pasta with Lemon and Cherry Tomatoes.  Pasta seriously tastes better the day after!

I went to the gym today and I did 500 calories on this baby!  It was so much harder today than it was yesterday.  I think it is because I am really missing running, so my mind was making me think that the cross trainer was hard work.  But it was really windy in Melbourne today (as it has been for the last few weeks), so I would have been at the gym regardless as it was way too windy to run outside.

At the moment I am waiting for B to cook me dinner - he offered to cook tonight and there was no way I was going to decline.  There is nothing more attractive than a man who cooks!

B is cooking Chicken with Mustard Sauce, Roasted Tomatoes and Asparagus, which is another 12WBT meal.  We've never had it before, so I hope that it is delicious as I am soooooooooo hungry right now!

Take care!

Lady Lou!

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