Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ouch! My Poor Glutes!!!

On Monday I didn't do my workout like I was supposed to.  I slept in until late and I ended up occupying myself with something else.  Our study in our house looks like a bomb hit it.  This bomb has been detonated by B.  He kinda uses the room as a storage area and just dumps everything in there.  I decided that it was time that I sorted it out and turn it into a functioning room.

This is the room before hand:

It was a really good work out cleaning the room.  I moved the grey bookshelf into the 'gym' as it would be more handy in there.  I also had to move the brown book shelf and the grey table around.  I also had to walk up and down the stairs many times to throw things out or move them to a more appropriate room.

And this is what it looks like now:

Hopefully the room stays clean!

When I woke up this morning my arms were a little bit sore from moving things.  Once again I got up late, however I decided that I wasn't going to miss out on my workout.  I was also going to make it a mega workout and do Monday and Tuesday's session.  After catching up with my friend for lunch, I went home and got changed.  I was also excited about my workout as I was going to be wearing my new shoes.  I decided to wear a matching top too.

I started off my session with my 1km time trial.  I managed to run 1km in 4 minutes and 39 seconds.  I then did my warm up and then headed off to the hills.  Yes, it was time for a hill interval session.  Today I decided to pick a hard hill.  The photo doesn't really show it, but it was a pretty steep hill.  I had to run up and down it 11 times.

I then decided to start my strength and stability session.  I learnt a very good lesson too.  I learnt that when you have been sweating it is not a good idea to lay on the grass as it makes you very itchy!  This was my view as I walked back to my car after my session.  Beautiful!

So today I ended up exercising for 1 hour and 48 minutes.  I burnt a total of 887 calories and ran/walked a total distance of 8.20km.  When I got home and walked up the stairs I could tell that I worked out really hard as my glutes were really sore.  Thankfully my HRM also agreed that I'd worked out hard too.

As I'd worked out hard I decided to give my body a really delicious meal.  We had 12WBT Beef Fajita with Capsicum and Red Onion.  So good!

Lady Lou!

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