Thursday, 12 September 2013

I Love Running In The Rain

I woke up on Thursday with a bit of a sore throat and a bit of a runny nose.  Thursday's training session was Cardio and Toning, which I decided that I would be fine to do as it wasn't pushing my body too hard.  All I had to do was an easy 30 minute run and some toning exercises afterwards.  Easy peasy!

When I finally got ready to go for my run, I saw that it was raining outside.  I actually don't mind running in the rain.  I kinda find it fun as I like splashing in the puddles (I am such a kid at heart).  I did decide to put my NW Melbourne 12WBT visor on, which tells me to JFDI!  It was good inspiration for my run.

My 30 minute run was really good.  I kept the pace a little slower as I wasn't feeling 100% well.  I also kept myself nice and warm to ensure that I didn't get any sicker than I already was.  My Lululemon jacket is perfect for running in the rain as it waterproof, has a nice hood and a zip near the underarms which I can open when I start to get warm to cool me down.

I ended up running 5.52km, which I was very pleased with.  I did kinda stuff up my timing on my watch though.  I went to push pause on my watch when I was waiting at the pedestrian crossing, however when I went to push resume I pushed cancel instead, which is why I have two photos of my watch.

By the time I finished my run and did my toning exercises, I burnt 492 calories.  I know that I worked really hard to, as today I have really sore arm muscles, in particular my shoulders.

I then had to go and feed Nana-Nana's cat Tammy.  Thankfully she remembered me from the day before and wasn't too fussed having me around the house.  She also posed for some photos for me too.  She is so pretty!

I then went home and had lunch on the couch, whilst reading these magazines.  I get so excited when I go to the supermarket and I see that a new edition of Runner's World is out!  Oh, and I love Who Magazine.  It isn't full of trash like some other magazines.

And then I had to do the most important thing ever!  I had to register to go into the ballot to get Grand Final Tickets!!!  I registered myself, my mum and B, so hopefully Fremantle win their game next weekend and we get to go to the Grand Final!  Cross your fingers for me!  I also had a few technical issues with the internet before hand, so not only did I have out PC up and running, I had our Samsung Tablet and my phone ready just in case.

And today?  I am taking it easy today as I am still not feeling well.  My throat sort of hurts and my nose is runny.  I have a 14km run scheduled in tomorrow, so I am resting today so that I am well enough to complete tomorrows run.  Wish me luck!

Lady Lou!

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  1. Angelina has a new life?? I'm so out of touch hehe. Great photo of Tammy :)