Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Am Really Enjoying Being A Lady Of Leisure!

My first few days of being a Lady of Leisure have been pretty good.  It has been really nice to relax and focus on myself.  I even got a lovely comment today from a friend saying that my eyes finally look happy again.  I have also enjoyed being able to run most days.

Monday's workout consisted of a 5 minute power walk, a 5 minute jog and then 12 hill runs.  The hill runs involved a 30 second run up a hill and then a 60 second power walk back down the hill. Then I had another 5 minute jog.  The hill runs were pretty hard.  I don't like running up hills and I generally try to avoid them at all costs.  But I understand that running hills will make a stronger runner.  This is the hill I ran up and down multiple times.

I ended up running 6.10km and I burnt 523 calories.  On a sad note, I saw a magpie whilst I was out running and it had a twig caught around its neck.  I tried to take the twig off its neck, however it flew away before I could get close enough.  Hopefully the magpie gets the twig off soon.  And on an even sadder note, I stepped in dog poop!  Grrrrr to the person who didn't pick up their dog's poop!

I was really tired afterwards, but I managed to put together a delicious lunch of a toastie with cheese, tomato and eggplant, with some strawberries on the side.

I had a bit of an off day on Tuesday, so I didn't do any exercise (the 12WBT program said that I was supposed to do leg strengthening exercises).

Yesterday was a hard workout as I had to do the 12 minute running time trial.  The session started off with a 5 minute power walk, 5 minute jog and then some stretching.  Then it was time for the time trial!  This time I ran 2.25km in 12 minutes.  That is an increase of 40 metres on my last weeks time, so I was pretty happy as the run felt really hard as mylegs felt heavy.  Then it was a quick 1 minute power walk, then another 13 minute run and then a 5 minute jog.

I was really happy with my run.  I ran 7.72km and burnt 644 calories (and I managed to not step in any dog poop). It was then time for my toastie with mountain bread, Swiss cheese, spinach, turkey and tomato.  And again it had strawberries!

Wednesday night I caught up with some of the ladies from NW Melbourne 12WBT group.  We had a special little catch up with us ladies who started the 12WBT in Round 3 2012.  It was amazing to see how far everyone has come over the last year.  Everyone looked amazing.  We went to a little Mexican restaurant and the food was delicious.  I had the chicken fajitas.  The chicken was so tender and tasty.  It was the best fajitas I'd had in years!

I went out running again today.  Today was just a leisurely 20 minute run followed by some arm and ab work.  I ran 3.5km and burnt 393 calories.  I then caught up with a friend for lunch (I have a Coke Zero as I'd eaten my sandwich at home), which was fun.

And for the rest of today?  I plan to sit down and read the latest edition of Runners World!

Lady Lou!

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