Monday, 22 July 2013

Run Melbourne Re-Cap!

Over the weekend I got to participate in my first fun run since I got back from Europe.  It was also my first fun run with my new running style.  As I'm trying to take things easy I was only running in the 5km event at Run Melbourne but it was still lots of fun.

The morning was absolutely freezing.  The 5km event was on at 10.30am and at the time it was a whooping 5 degrees!!!  I never ever run when it is that cold!

Before the race B and I met up with Lincoln and Mel, who we met in Europe on our Topdeck Tour.  Lincoln had just done the half marathon - which started at 7am in the morning - and Mel was doing the 5km run.  It was great to catch up with them.

Topdeck Reunion! B, me, Mel and Lincoln.

I had to admit that I made a few mistakes with this run.

1.  I forgot to check my race pack before I left home.  If I had I would have realised that there were no safety pins for my race number.  Rookie mistake!  Thankfully my friend Jonathan gave me to of his.  Next time I will remember to bring spare safety pins.

2.  I ran in a really old pair of running pants that I haven't run in for ages... and I forgot that my phone didn't fit in my pocket.  I then had to run with my phone in my sports bra.  Thankfully no one noticed and it wasn't too uncomfortable.

I was running this fun run with my friend Jonathan.  We are both in training for the 10km event for the Melbourne Marathon in October.

For this run we got to start towards the start line and we got to run in the first wave.  Pretty exciting!

The run was really good.  I generally like the Run Melbourne course as it isn't too hilly and goes around some pretty parts of Melbourne.  My only complaint about the run was that there were so many walkers and really slow runners in the first wave, so I was having to spend a lot of time dodging them.

And how did I go?  Brilliant!  I ran it in 27.26 minutes!!  I was very happy as it was much faster than all of my training runs.  I was so fast that B didn't even get to take any photos of me running past as I was there a few minutes earlier than he expected.

Yes, I have run 5km even though I don't even look like I have broken a sweat.

And here are a few random fun facts about my run:

- There were 5,305 people doing the run and I came in at 503th!
- In my gender and age group (Female 18-29) I came 51st out of 1034!  That puts me in the top 5%!
- The run was so cold that I didn't even break out a sweat! 

Oh, and here is one of the best things about the race.  This cool medal!!

I am so happy with my results.  Bring on the next fun run!!!


  1. Great post gorgeous! I had a ball at the race too, how glorious was the weather? I love the medal too. A great keepsake. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you had a good time at the fun run too. It was such a lovely day, although a little cold. I was so glad that it didn't rain though. That would have been terrible!

  2. Great time - well done :)