Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Boring Castle And An Amazing District!

I normally like it when my posts start off all positive, but unfortunately this one won't.  But trust me, it finishes with smiles.

After spending a few days walking in the footsteps of William Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon, it was time to head off to the Lake District.  Before going to the Lake District B and I were going to visit Warwick Castle.  I went to Warwick Castle as a kid and I loved it.  The main reason why I loved it was because they had wax figures in a lot of the rooms, so I could see how the castle operated back in the olden days.  However, that was 19 years ago and much has changed since then.

I should have seen the warning signs when we got to the car park.  The castle opened at 10am, however we got there at 10:10am and the car park was full.  As we walked to the entry - which was a mile away, we noticed that most adults had a child or two with them.  B and I looked out of place as we didn't have any children.

Inside the castle ground there were children everywhere.  Screaming!  Crying!  Running around!  Children pretending to be daleks from Doctor Who!  To me, it was my worst nightmare as I was stuck with noisy children.  Warwick Castle had also changed.  It was totally aimed at children.  It was almost like a castle theme park!  But not like Dreamworld, which is aimed for all ages.  It was a children's only theme park!

We had tickets to go into a dungeon tour booked for 10:30am, so we made our way over to the attraction.  I would have to say that this was the only thing I liked as it actually was scary.  You had to walk around a dungeon and go into various rooms.  One had mirrors (that was scary as you had no idea where you were!), one had a witch, one had a man who undertook autopsies - yes, I got picked to have my brain pulled out of my head.  It was 45 minutes of scariness!!

We also had tickets to go to some Merlin experience (kinda based on the TV show), but it was a rip-off as it only went for 5 minutes and it was boring.

Anyway, after 90 minutes B and I left.  Here are some photos of the experience.

Warwick Castle

But thankfully our day got better!  B and I were driving to The Lake District, which is to the north of Manchester.  The Lake District is beautiful as it is made up of mountains (they are small mountains) and many lakes.  We were going Waterhead, which is located on Lake Windermere (which is the largest lake in the Lake District).  I knew that we were somewhere beautiful when we saw these cute baby swans!

Baby swans!!!!

The hotel that we were staying at was just a couple of minutes from the lake, so we were able to have a little explore of the area before the dinner.  We had so much fun!

The next day went out on on a cruise along the lake.  We were to get off the boat at the first stop and then walk 4 miles to the second stop.  Wray Castle was at the first stop, which we had a quick look at.

Wray Castle

We then went for our 4 mile walk.   For those who don't know, 4 miles is about 6.4km.  B and I thought that would be easy.  We have both walked (and I have run) longer distances in the past, but it really felt like we walked 100 km.  We didn't have any water and I thought I was going to die of dehydration.  But it really was a beautiful walk.

Lake District walk

We finally made it to the second stop and we only had to wait around 5 minutes for the boat to come along and pick us up.  We then sailed over to the second stop, where we had lunch.

When we got off the boat we both decided that we wanted ice cream after lunch.  However, when we were ordering lunch I decided that I wanted scones with jam and cream (I am obsessed with scones at the moment), but B said no.  Unbeknown to us, the cafe where we were having lunch stuffed up our order and gave our food to another table (we didn't notice).  The cafe were so upset about what had happened that they told us that we could have our drinks for free. Then, after we had finished our food, two plates of scones with jam and cream came out - for free!  I was so happy!!

We then caught the boat back to our stop.

Lake Windermere

Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to The Lake District.  We seriously could have stayed a week!  There are so many towns (and shops) to explore, and there are a lot of fun activities such as hiking and mountain bike riding.  We will most certainly be coming back to The Lake District in the future!

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