Monday, 6 May 2013

Switzerland - Not Just A Good Place For Chocolate!

On Saturday we said goodbye to Paris and traveled all day to get to Switzerland.  It was a full day of traveling on the bus and it was pretty tiring.  We stopped at a few service stations for snacks and lunch along the way, but it really was quite boring.  We did however watch The Wedding Singer when we were on the bus, which was entertaining.

The accommodation that we stayed in Switzerland was an authentic ski lodge in a town called Engelberg.  Our accommodation was really pretty as it was a old ski lodge with timber beams, rickety old stairs and old ski’s plastered on the walls as decorations.  The beds were really comfortable too and I really wish I could take the doona with me as it was so warm.

The next day was our free day and we had the option to either go paragliding or to Mount Titlis.  B and I decided to go to Mount Titlis.  Mount Titless is about 3,020 metres above sea level, so we had to catch a train and a cable car to get up the mountain.  The views at the top were amazing.  And of course, even though it is spring there was still heaps of snow.  We got talking to some of the locals who were up on the mountain skiing and they told us that the ski season lasts for 8 months of the year!

Views from Mount Titlis

At the top of the mountain B and I walked across a 250 metre long suspension bridge.  I was a bit nervous about the thought of walking across it when I was first told about it, however it really wasn’t that high or scary.  It was freezing cold though.

Me jumping on the cable bridge

After going over the suspension bridge we then met up with some other people to go for a walk though the glacier caves.

Glacier caves

After we got down from the mountain a group of us decided to head into Lucerne, which is a town about an hour away from Engelberg by train.  The town is situated on a lake and it was amazing!  I am so glad that we left the mountain a little earlier to go there as it is truly the most beautiful place I have been to.  Most of the buildings are really old and are just gorgeous!

Beautiful Lucerne

We decided to have an ice cream when we got there as that was what everyone seemed to be doing.  The ice cream that we got was a mixture of strawberry and vanilla and it was so creamy and delicious!

Ice cream time!!!

We made our way through the town and to the Lion Monument, which was tucked away into one of the side streets.  The monument was carved into a rock wall back in 1820/1821 to remember the Swiss heroes who died in Tuileries in Paris in 1792.

Lion Monument

Next we walked over to one of the main churches within the town.  This would have to be one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.  The detail in the artwork was amazing.

Chapel Bridge is the main attraction of the town.  It was built in 1333 and has beautiful gable paintings.

Chapel Bridge

And of course, we did some shopping.  One person brought a watch and just about all of us brought some Swiss chocolate.  We then sat along the river and had a drink at one of the bars.  We the headed back to Engelberg by train.  Whist everybody else had a alcoholic drink on the train, I decided to splash out and get myself this delicious pastry that was filled with a chocolate cream and covered in nuts and icing sugar.  I wish I could have another one now!


Switzerland is a really beautiful country and I really wish that we could have spent some more time here and explored the country a little bit more.  Today we are heading off to Nice, which is the complete opposite to Switzerland.  In Nice we shall be seeing the sun and the beach!  I can't wait!!

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  1. The views from the mountain look spectacular! Looks like you got some nice photos :)

    The detail of the lion monument looks amazing.

    That pastry looks tasty too :)