Thursday, 9 May 2013

Having a Nice Time In Nice, Plus a Pitstop In Monaco!!

We bid farewell to Engelberg on Monday and headed off to Nice, which is within the French Rivera along the southern coast of France.  The drive was pretty boring and the movie for this leg was The Hangover.  We also stopped at a French perfume factory and had a quick tour.  I didn’t really learn much from the tour, however I think it was just a big marketing exercise to try and get us to buy perfume because it was much cheaper than the stuff in the shops.

The perfume factory that wanted our money!!

Along the way to Nice we also drove along the outside of Monaco.  I am very disappointed that I didn’t get any photos, but I can tell you that it looked amazing! There were heaps of big boats in the sea and beautiful houses tucked away within the trees.

We arrived in Nice a lot earlier than expected, so we had some free time in the afternoon to have a little wander around Nice.  Nice is really cute as it has a meditation feel to it, which is evident in the architecture.   We headed out for a little bit, however it started to rain, so we went back to our room and relaxed.  That evening we had a group dinner at a restaurant.  Most people went out afterwards for drinks, however B and I decided to go do laundry with our new friend Dee.(and maybe have a drink or two).  Unfortunately the Laundromat was closed, so we had a couple of drinks in the lobby of the hotel and watched some French TV.


Tuesday was supposed to be a relaxing day in Nice.  I had a lovely sleep in (B did the laundry) and then after breakfast B, Dee and I headed out to explore Nice.  We did a heap of shopping too!  The clothes in France are so cheap and the quality of their clothes from stores such as Zara and Gap is way better than the stuff we get in Australia.

We did also do some sightseeing too.  We walked through the streets and along the beach.  It was a little too cold to go in the water; however both B and I put our feet in the water.  B got his shoes wet and I nearly lost a thong, but it was all good fun.

The pebble beaches of Nice

We then climbed up a big hill to go to the Old Chateau, which are the ruins of an old castle.  The views are amazing and you can see the whole of Nice.

The Old Chateau in Nice

That evening we were heading out to Monaco.  We visited the Palace that the Prince and Princess of Monaco live in (along with Grace Kelly back in the day), which was a little disappointing as it wasn’t very grand.

Monaco Palace

The views up near the palace were lovely as we could see all of Monaco.  B was really happy to see that the F1 track was starting to be setup.

Monaco Grand Prix Track

B’s highlight of the day was going to the Grand Casino.  And no, it wasn’t so that he could win big on blackjack.  He was really excited to see all of the cool and expensive cars that people were driving.  I know that most of you aren’t into cars, however just for B I will put a few in this post.

Monaco Grand Casino and Cars

We did go into the Grand Casino, however you need your passport to be able to go into the gaming room.  The queue was too long, so we just took in the sights of the foyer.  Unfortunately you cannot bring a camera in, so I have no photos to show you.

A small group of us then made our way to a restaurant for dinner.  And yes, I know that the photo was photo bombed by a guy who works at the restaurant.

Dinner in Monaco

I had a delicious vegetable ravioli pasta dish, however the highlight of the dinner was the mousse cake with ice cream that I had for dessert.  It was delicious!!

Best chocolate mousse cake ever!!

We are now on our way to Florence for a day and then Rome tomorrow.  I am starting to get a little worried as there is a bug going around the tour bus and this afternoon I have started to get a headache and a little bit of a sore throat.  Hopefully I’m not coming down with this bug!

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