Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Final Stop - Amsterdam!

I woke up in the morning with a sore throat and aches and pains, but it was time to pack up our belongings and hop on the bus as we were heading to Amsterdam!!  The drive to Amsterdam was really boring.  We were stuck in a lot of traffic and our bus also got pulled over by the German Police Road Patrol. Thankfully they only wanted to check out the drivers licenses of our bus drivers, so we were only delayed for 5 minutes.

B and I got to sit at the front of the bus for the trip, which was really cool.  Even though we were stuck in traffic, we got a good view of all the nice cars that went past, along with the surrounds.  As we were stuck in traffic we also got to have a good chat with the bus drivers (we have two bus drivers as one is a trainee).

We arrived in Amsterdam really late and our first stop was at a cheese and clog factory.  We got to see how they made cheese...


And how they make clogs.


Our hotel that we stayed at was called a Botel.  Yup, its a boat that is a hotel.  It was okay, although I did have issues about the boat/hotel being located in an industrial area (that is the town planner in me coming out).  You generally didn't notice that it was rocking unless you were in the area where we ate breakfast.

Botel - it's a boat and a hotel!

The next day we went on a bike tour of Amsterdam, where we rode around the city and had a look at the highlights.  Bike riding in Amsterdam is way more scarier than Paris is the rules are confusing and bike riders are really crazy!

Bike riding again!!

After the bike tour a group of us went to the Heineken Brewery tour.  Even though I have been drinking a little bit of beer on this trip, I am in no way a beer fan, however, I really did enjoy the brewery tour.  Not only did you get to see how they make beer, but you also got to 'sample' some at the end.

That's a me sized beer.

They had some spots where you could take some cool photos.

Me, Emma, Jess, Sarah and Alison

And they had some interactive games, such a DJing.

We totally sucked at DJing.

You even got to 'pour' a glass of Heineken beer.  After a couple attempts I finally poured the beer perfectly.


After the brewery tour we went and had lunch.  I had a delicious burger and an even yummier hot chocolate - with cream!

Lunch time!!

It was then time to go and explore Amsterdam.  We went to the I amsterdam letters, which were heaps of fun.

I even managed to climb to the top of one of the letter a's, without breaking anything, thanks to B.

That was scary stuff!!

We also went to Ann Frank's house.  To me, Ann Frank's house was a little bit of an emotional experience.  I had read the book many years ago and I found that I was getting a little teary at some points.  The house is void of any furniture, however there are explanations about the rooms and quotes from the book.  It was very moving.

Ann Frank's house

Later than evening we had a final Topdeck dinner at a Chinese restaurant (the meal wasn't that good, hence the reason why there is no photos).  Afterwards our Topdeck group had a 90 minute boat cruise along the canals of Amsterdam.  It was a fun boat cruise and it was a good opportunity to have a final drink with everyone.

A little bit of boat fun.

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