Friday, 24 May 2013

Austria - The Country That Doesn't Have Kangaroos

After our very quick visit to Ljubljana it was time to head off to Austria.  However, along the way we stopped at Lake Bled.  If you ever Google Slovenia or if your ever receive a postcard from Slovenia, the pictures that you will see will most likely be of Lake Bled.  It is a very popular tourist destination and popular with the natives as you can go skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer.

I really liked Lake Bled and here are my reasons why.

1.  It's beautiful!!!  There are mountains covered in trees, along with lots of water.  And an island in the middle.  Very pretty!

2.  There is a cool castle on top of a hill.  If we had more time I would have loved to have walked up to the top to have a look at it.

3.  There were really pretty ducks.

4.  And some swans.  I'm a little scared of swans but they were pretty cool.  And they kept following us all the time.

5. And ducklings!!!  They were so cute!!  The funniest thing was the we looking at them, some of the male ducks came up and started quacking at us to go away.  Hilarious!!

6.  This dessert.  It is like a vanilla slice, however it is much lighter and doesn't have any icing on it.  It tasted so good!!

Later that afternoon we arrived in Salzburg, which is a city in Austria.  We began our stay with a walking tour of the town.  Some parts of the Sound of Music were filmed in the area, so we got to visit those sights.

There are also some pretty cool sights to go and see.  Mozart was born in Salzburg, so we got to see his house.

We also got to hit the shops too.  There were so many lovely shops in Salzburg!  After shopping it was time to meet up with the Topdeck group for a traditional Austrian dinner.  We had beer and pork schnitzel.  My beer was really good too as it was a mix of beer and lemonade.  Yum!

The highlight of the day for B was going to Hangar 7, which is a building that is full of Red Bull boys toys, such as Formula One racing cars, planes, helicopters, etc.  B is a massive Red Bull racing fan, in particular Mark Webber, so when he found out about this place he had to go.  And I would have to say that it was really cool!!

The next day we finished off out Austrian experience with a more serious excursion.  We were to visit Mauthausen, which is a concentration camp in World War 2.  It was really interesting to see it and I highly recommend that everyone go to one, however it is a very sad experience as so many people lost their lives there between 1938 to 1945.

Austria is a really beautiful country that I really enjoyed. It is most definitely a country that I want to come back and visit in the future!

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