Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Beautiful City Called Prague

After Austria it was time to make our way to Prague, which is in the Czech Republic.  I didn't really know what to expect from Prague.  I had been told that it was a beautiful city, but I didn't really know anything else.  When we first arrived it was time for a big Topdeck group dinner.  We had beer, sausages, apple strudel and a meat dish with a sort of bread pudding.  It was really yummy!

Prague Topdeck Dinner

After dinner it was time to go for a night walking tour of Prague.  Prague is so beautiful at night as all of the old buildings are lit up.  The city center comprises of old buildings and narrow cobblestone roads, so it is really a lovely city.

Prague at night

The next day we got up early (as usual) and headed out to explore Prague. We headed over to the Charles Bridge, which has lovely statues placed along it.  The statues are actually replicas of the original ones that were on the bridge.  The old ones are in museums to protect them as they are starting to deteriorate.  The views from the bridge are also beautiful.

Charles Bridge

We walked over the bridge and came across a shop that was making these sugar roll things.  They are sort of like a doughnut, however instead of being fried the dough is wrapped around a thick wooden stick and is cooked over a fire.  They were delicious!!

Soon we found ourselves at the Hradcany Castle and the St Vitus Cathedral. We walked around the grounds of the castle and had our photo taken with one of the royal guards.

Hradcany Castle

We went into the Cathedral and had a look around.  It was really beautiful inside.

St Vitus Cathedral

We then decided to climb up one of the towers of the Cathedral to have a look at the views.  After walking up a billion steps of the spiral staircase (okay, I think it was about 287 steps), we made it to the top.  The views were stunning!  Prague is perfectly in tact as it was one of the few main cities in Europe that was not bombed during World War II.

We also found the most cutest Christmas decoration shop too! I could have brought the whole shop, however the Christmas balls were all glass, so they would be really difficult not to break on our flight home, so instead we brought a couple.

Christmas decoration shop

After Christmas decoration shopping we were all pretty hungry, so we went to a pub for a proper Czech lunch.  There was so much delicious food on the menu, so B and I decided to get a meal each and share it.  We had chicken schnitzel, deep fried cheese, potato salad and chips.  The deep fried cheese was delicious!

Mmmmm... deep fried cheese!

After lunch we hit the streets again.  This time we came across a shop that sold ginger bread and they had this inside!  It is a ginger bread replica of the castle and cathedral.

So cool!

We then made our way to the Jewish Ghetto. Unfortunately as it was a Sunday most of the tourist attractions, like the Jewish cemetery, weren't open.  However, I think all of the expensive shops were in this area, so we had a look in them.  Thankfully, or so B would say, we didn't actually buy anything, although I did try a Tiffany and Co. ring on.  It was lovely but way too expensive for what it was.

We ended up having dinner at TGI Fridays.  My body was telling me that I needed to eat vegetables, so a salad was perfect.

Salad time!

Prague would have to be one of the most beautiful cities that I have seen in Europe.  I love the old buildings, the cobble stone roads and the general vibe of the area.  It looks beautiful in the day and the night.  I have so many photos of Prague, however I could I would share a few more photos with you.

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