Saturday, 13 April 2013

Shopping Success!!

The start to my weekend wasn't very good.  Friday was a terrible day that I would much rather forget.  It was day 2 of my headache but for once I got up nice and early. I took the time and prepared a breakfast of cottage cheese and banana on toast with cinnamon - I recommend you try it!  I sat down at the table with my breakfast, a BIG glass of water, my tablets and phone.  I then proceeded to knock over my water, which then turned my breakfast into soup and disintegrated my tablets.  The water made my phone go a bit loopy for a couple of hours, but it seems to be okay.  I had to spend ages cleaning up the water, which went everywhere!

Later in the day at work I split my water all over my desk too.  It wasn't my day with water.

My mum and mother in-law joined B and I for dinner on Friday night - we had fish and chips as B and I decided that it wouldn't be safe for me to cook.  Everyone was over at our place to watch the football too.  B's team was playing my team.  At half time, my team was in front by 30-something points and I was very happy.

Happy Fremantle Dockers supporter!

In the end, my team lost by a couple of points and I was pretty upset.  Not even this plate of chocolates and lollies could make me happy - although I did eat some of them.

Thankfully Saturday was much better.  B and I went to the travel agent and we got our tickets for our trip!  I can't believe that in two weeks time I will be sitting on a plane, somewhere in the sky!  I am soooooo excited!

Yay!!  We have our tickets!!!

B had to go to work to do a little bit of work, so he dropped me off in the city whilst he went to work nearby.  I wandered around the shops looking for clothes.  My last post about finding it difficult to find clothes generated a lot of conversation with some of my fellow 12WBT ladies, who feel the same as me - it was so nice to know I'm not a freak.  Thank you to everyone who shared that they had the same issue as me, along with all of the other ladies who gave me some tips.

When I went shopping today, I tried to have an open mind when I looked at the shops.  I ended up buying two tops from French Connection, but most of the clothes in the shops I didn't like.  I think I worked out what my issue is.  I like to wear my clothes more fitted, however most of the clothing that is in fashion seems to be looser, which I don't like.

I went past Review, which is one of my most favourite shops in the world.  I tend to buy all of my work clothes and nice dresses from there.  I was looking around at some of the clothes when the shop assistant starting chatting to me.  I mentioned that I was going to Europe and that I needed new clothes as I have no winter/cold weather clothes and she helped me out.  All of the clothing in Review is fitted and the quality is fantastic.  Oh, and everything is really cute!  I ended up buying 3 jumpers, one short sleeved top, one cardigan and one blazer.  And you know what the best bit was.  They have a sale at the moment - for every $250 you spend you save $100!  Bargain!!  I saved a lot of money!

I brought all of those clothes except for two items.

I then met B and we raced over to Doncaster as we needed to buy some good walking shoes for our trip.  I ended up getting these cool boots, which are so comfortable!

Merrell boots for my trip

And our shopping day was finished with this delicious focaccia that has chicken, grilled capsicum and spinach.

I could so eat another one of those right now...

I am absolutely exhausted from today's shopping trip, but I am very happy with the results.  I now have some clothes and shoes to wear on holiday!  I've been stressing about freezing in Europe, but that isn't going to happen anymore.  I've still got another shopping trip with some friends next weekend, so lets see what else I can pick up on that trip!

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