Thursday, 11 April 2013

I Think I Have Lost My Casual Clothes Fashion Sense

If you are fortunate (or maybe unfortunate) enough to know me, you will know that when you say to me "Are you looking forward to your trip to Europe?" I will say "Yes, but I am stressed because I have so much to do!"  When you ask me what I have to do, I will tell you that I have to organise some day tours in Paris, work out our London itinerary and buy some bits and pieces.  I then get a funny look as it doesn't seem like I have that much to do.

My main issue is clothing.  I need new clothes.  And not a few.  I need lots.  The only issue with losing weight is that you generally don't fit into your old clothes.  As I've dropped 9kg on the 12WBT, I've dropped a dress size or two.  As I dropped weight over spring and summer, all of my winter clothes don't fit and I haven't replaced them as the weather was warm and I didn't need them.  Even my skinny leg jeans look like a relaxed fit pair of jeans, which isn't the look I am going for (and they look baggy around my butt).

Whilst B and I are going to Europe over spring and summer, Europe is a little similar to Australia at the moment where the seasons have gone a little pear-shaped.  In Australia it is autumn and its still nice and warm - it'll be 25 degrees tomorrow.  In London it's spring and its cold - it'll be 12 degrees tomorrow, which is freezing for me.  So, I really do need winter clothes.

So you are probably thinking - What is your issue?  It's every woman's dream to go on a huge shopping trip.  Well, I find it hard to buy clothes.  Wait, I'll rephrase that.  I find it hard to buy causal clothes.  I feel like I have no style and I look like a dork.

I find it so easy to buy clothes for the gym and exercising.  I think I have a pretty good collection of tops, shorts and leggings.  I also love having bright coloured runners!

And I am really good at finding pretty dresses for events.

 I also find buying work clothes easy, with the exception of pants (I don't like wide legged pants).  Oh, and I don't have many photos of me in my work clothes, so I thought I would just chuck in some photos of me being silly at work - I love wearing site boots and skirts!

But casual everyday clothes just stump me.  I can walk around the shops for hours and I can't find anything I like.  I know that I am picky.  See, I don't mind paying a fair bit of money for my clothes, just as long as I know they are good quality but so much of the clothing in the shops is of a poor quality.

I think that before I lost weight I was in a bit of a rut with my clothes.  My uniform pretty much consisted of jeans, a t-shirt and a black cardigan.  Or I would wear a black or white long sleeved top.  Oh, and if I wanted to jazz it up I would put a scarf on.  Hmmmm... that sounds like what I wore to ice skating last weekend!

I suppose my other issue is that after losing weight, I kinda have no idea what is going to look good on me.  I there is a little voice inside my head that likes to pipe up when I am looking at clothes, telling me that I shouldn't even bother trying on that jumper as it's only going to make me look fat.  I shouldn't listen to that voice but I do.

I think my other problem too is my age.  I'm nearly 30.  I have no idea where 30 year old women shop.  I go into some shops and I feel way too old and I go into other shops and I feel way too young.

At this rate, I will be wearing gym clothes to Europe!  I think I really need a personal stylist, who I can pay by buying them lunch, who can find new clothes for me that make me look fantastic and cool!

I have to go clothes shopping on the weekend - if I don't I seriously won't have any clothes for Europe, so I will let you know how I go!

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  1. There are some really cool fashion blogs around which might give you some ideas, otherwise I always go to pinterest :)