Sunday, 24 March 2013

Purple Passion and Run For The Kids!

I decided that since I had a fun run on Sunday that I needed to have a quiet day on Saturday.  My day began with a little weights session at the gym.  As I am desperately trying to build some biceps muscles, I included some of those in my workout, along with some shoulders.

B went to work in the morning, so when he got home in the afternoon we went to the shops.  I was trying to find some warm clothes to wear when I go to Europe next month, however I didn't find anything.  B and I had frozen yoghurt instead.

99% Fat Free Dutch Chocolate and Low-Fat Wildberry

When we got home I baked some 12WBT banana bread to eat for breakfast on Sunday.  Actually, I made two loaves, so I cut it up after I'd baked it and stuck it in the freezer.  It makes a great quick breakfast on a morning when I am running late for work.  I chuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds and its all done!  Breakfast is served and its only 265 calories!

12WBT Banana Bread

After dinner B and I watched the footy.  I am so happy that the footy season is back!  I love footy!  Round 1 saw the Western Derby between my team Fremantle Dockers against their arch enemies West Coast Eagles.  The first half was a bit nail biting but thankfully in the end my team pulled out the guns and won.  Even Roxy was excited about her team winning as she slept on her Fremantle Dockers blanket (yes, even my cats have Fremantle memberships).

Go Dockers!!

Then came Sunday!  Run For The Kids!  I had mixed emotions about this run.  I was really excited to be running with all of my friends.  I was excited about running the 15km course.  I was however really nervous how my knee was going to hold up.  I also hadn't been able to run much due to my IT Band playing up so much.  However, once I got to the event and Raelene taped up my knee I felt much better.

Yay for Raelene!!!

And as usual, I caught up with my favourite ladies (and gent) - North West Melbourne 12WBT Crew!!

North West Melbourne 12WBT Crew

I ran Run 4 The Kids with two of my work friends Jonathan and Eddie.  I basically nagged them into signing up for the race, so it was only fair that we all ran together.

Running with my buddies Eddie and Jonathan.

The race was pretty cool and I would have to say that it is one of my favourite courses, although it is a little longer than my preferred distance (I like anything between 10-12km).  The run saw us running through the Domain Tunnel and then along the West Gate Freeway to the Bolte Bridge.  Running though the tunnel was fun, although it was really humid and hot.  The Bolte Bridge was a little difficult because the incline goes on forever. 

Running the Bolte Bridge.

Going down the Bolte Bridge was good, however I needed to take a quick walk as my knees were starting to play up.  My right knee needed to crack and my left knee (the one with the IT Band issues) got really sore along my knee cap.

The run then went though Docklands, which was nice as there was finally some shade!  We then ran along Etihad Stadium to Collins Street, which had a short but steep hill.  One of my goals was to run this hill as the last time I did this run I walked it.  Thankfully, I ran the whole thing, although I was starting to get really tired.

The rest of the run was along Southbank and then St Kilda Road to the finish line.  I was so happy to finally make it to the finish line!  I was really proud of myself for completing the run, considering I hadn't been able to do a lot of training.  And I also finished similar times to my two friends who were running, so it was nice to see them at the finish line.

So happy to have finished that run!

And after the race I could still walk too!!

Me and my free apple pieces after the race.

B was fantastic at the run too.  He carried around an esky for a couple of hours so that I could ice my knee after my run too!!  Yay to B!!!

Gotta look after that knee!

I then spent the afternoon on the couch resting my knee.  Unfortunately, my left knee is really starting to hurt, so I think I will have to spend the rest of the evening icing my knee and rolling it on the foam roller.  Ruby also spent the afternoon with me on the couch.  Geez, you would have thought that she'd run 15km too!!

It's a hard life doing nothing all day.

So what is up for me next running wise?  Well, next week I will be starting running in my new runners.  These runners will be essentially changing my running style from striking the ground with my heel first to striking the ground with the ball of my foot first  This running style is more natural.  I have been told its going to take me a while to be back to running long distances, but I am hoping that change in running style will help my IT Band.  I'm also hoping to do the 10km event in the Melbourne Marathon and maybe the 10km in Run Melbourne, however that is in July, so it depends on how I go with my new runners.

Exciting times ahead!!

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