Friday, 22 February 2013

Zoo Run!!!!

I had the best run on Wednesday!  Some of my 12WBT Transformers buddies have been participating in the Brooks Summer Series runs.  There are three runs in total and they run over a six week period.  Every second Wednesday there is either a 4km or 8km run for people to participate in.  They time you so that you can see how you are progressing.

I originally wasn't going to join them for the runs until I saw that one of the runs was at the Melbourne Zoo.  I decided to give it a go because what could be more fun than running around the zoo!!!  I entered the 8km race, however during the week the length of the race decreased down to 7.2km - something to do with the meerkats .  I wasn't going to complain!

It was a really nice day to run on Wednesday.  I think it was about 26 degrees during the day, although there was a little bit of wind.  I was actually a little nervous about the fun run.  I hadn't done a fun run since February 2011, which was an awful 10km run around Albert Park Lake.  I ended up in tears in the run as I lightly rolled my ankle and I lost my running mojo.  I also hadn't done much preparation either.  I was also worried about my knee.

I met up with some of the ladies from the 12WBT before the race.  We checked out some of the stalls and some even participated in the warm up (I never do as it is normally an aerobic warm-up - I'm too uncoordinated).   My lovely sister Raelene even taped my knee up nice and tight so that it wouldn't hurt during my run :)

So excited waiting for our run!

B even came past on his bike on his way home from work.  It was really nice to see him but it was the first fun run that I have ever done that B hasn't cheered me on from the side line :(

My personal support crew!

 Soon it was time to line up to start our race.  There were 1411 people running in the 7.2km race.
Waiting in the Second Wave of runners.

Even though I didn't take any photos of the race I really enjoyed it.  The race comprised of two laps and normally I hate races where you have to run laps but this one I really enjoyed.  I think it was because I was running around the zoo, so there was a lot to look at.

The lap consisted of running around the perimeter of the zoo, then running into the front gates and weaving around the zoo.  I think that most of the animals were hiding in their exibits or were put away because so many people running.  I did however see (and hear) the lions, giraffes and a peacock.  The most annoying part of the run was weaving around all of the walkers, especially in the monkey section as the path was very narrow.

Once the first lap was done we ran out of the gates and it was time to do it all again!

Happy to be running a fun run again!

Normally I hate the second lap, but I enjoyed it this time.  I even had one of the event marshals call out to me because of my transformers top and cheered me on.  That was very motivating!  I also heard some of my fellow 12WBTers who ran the 3.6km race cheer me on too.

I was very focused towards the end of my face.  I had been keeping an eye on my time during the race and I really wanted to finish it in under 43 minutes.  I also felt really good even though I was running really fast. I wasn't too tired, I didn't have a stitch and my knee wasn't hurting.  I even sprinted the last 300m.  I was running so fast and I was passing so many people.  I felt so proud!

So pooped after the race!

I ended up running the race in 42 minutes and 17 seconds.  I was really happy as finished the race in the time that I wanted to.  I also think it might be a PB!  In my age group I came 103 out of 329, and in the whole race I came 608 out of 1411.  I was very happy with that result!

Mish would be proud of us!

Afterwards Raelene, Sharon and I went and grabbed a bite to eat at the event.  We had some Dutch pancakes.  Whilst they may look delicious in the photo they weren't very nice as they weren't properly cooked on the inside!

Not as yummy as they look!
As part of the run I got a little gift too.  I got this cool water bottle!  I love it because it matches my shorts and my shoes!!!

Finally!!  A new drink bottle!!

Did you do the Brooks Summer Series Race 2 at the Zoo?  If so how did you go?

Are you doing to do the Brooks Summer Series Race 3 at Princess Park?  I will be there for sure!

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