Friday, 15 February 2013

Wonderful Bris Vegas!

Oh, wonderful Bris Vegas!  I have to say that my four days away in Brisbane were fantastic.  Those four days were jam packed full of fun times, eating, drinking, exercising and pushing ourselves to the boundaries.  That is also the reason why it has taken me so long to post anything too.  I have been exhausted, so the last thing I feel like doing after spending my working day at the computer is to go and sit on my home computer and blog.  But I am now starting to feel refreshed, so I am ready to blog again.

Please be aware that so much happened, so I am going to split it up into three (yes, I said three) posts!

Welcome to Bris Vegas!

Friday started with a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane.  The flight was interesting.  I would have to say it was the longest two hours of my life.  For some reason the flight went forever.  We also had a bit of turbulence as we were flying towards Brisbane.  Many people on the plane screamed and Raelene grabbed my hand!

Yay!!  We are going to Brisbane!!

When we arrived at Brisbane Airport we met up with Alana and Kylie.  We dropped our bags off at the hotel and went into Brisbane CBD.  We did a heap of shopping, eating and chatting.

The four of us with our free drinks.  We then tipped them into the garden.

After having fun in the city we headed back to our hotel.  We had a two bedroom apartment, which was lovely.  I was so happy to have a king size bed to myself.  No sharing it with B or any of my cats!

All mine!

We hung around the apartment for a bit and then we went out for cocktails!

And then it was time to go out for dinner!!!!  We went to an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious!

Some of the lovely ladies at dinner...

... and the other lovely ladies!

If you want to see what happened at the Finale Group Workout and the Finale Cocktail Party, I have posted two separate posts which you should go and check out!

On Sunday morning Raelene, Tania and I went to a 12WBT meeting for admins for 12WBT Facebook pages, which included a free breakfast!!  After the meeting Raelene and I went and had a wander around Southbank whilst we waited for Sharon to join us.  We then went shopping at the market after that.

At the man made beach at Southbank

After lunch, it was finally time to do one of the most scariest things that I have ever had to do.  It was time to go abseiling!

To be honest, during the weekend I didn't really think about how we were going abseiling on the Sunday.  I am afraid of heights, so I didn't want to get myself worked up.  When we got there I was starting to get really stressed.  To me, the instructor wasn't doing a very good job.  He wasn't explaining things very well and his explanations were too quick.  He told Raelene to go first and she found the whole experience scary and couldn't do it.  That made me really panic and I wanted to cry and go home.  From that moment I didn't think I would be able to do it.

Afterwards, I saw some other people do it and I started to think to myself that I just have to do it.  No looking down.  My motto was 'Just do, don't think'.  I told the instructor that I wanted to go now, and this is what happened...

Getting strapped up...

Getting myself ready to go...

And off I go!!!!!

I didn't think.  I just relaxed, leaned back and started walking backwards down the cliff.  To be honest, I would never do it again!  The cliff face was uneven, which I found hard to manage, along with the rope being too heavy.  I like being in control of things, so I didn't like abseiling as I wasn't properly in control.

But I am glad that I did it!

So glad that's over!!

And here is what the cliff face that I abseiled down looked like.  I was about 20 metres high, which was certainly high enough for me!

The abseiling cliff.

That evening we went out for dinner to a lovely Bavarian restaurant.  The views were beautiful...

And the meal was delicious!  That is a Swish Schnitzel (Swiss cheese and ham) with potato salad and coleslaw.


The next day we did a little shopping!  I decided to ventured off to Lululemon in James Street, whilst Sharon and Raelene went off to Woolloongabba.  I enjoyed my time at the Lululemon Store as it was really big, however to be honest the staff weren't that friendly, not like the ladies at my favourite Lululemon store at Doncaster.  I did however buy some clothes!

Lady Lou at Lululemon!!!

That afternoon after a bit more shopping we headed back to Melbourne.  Whilst I was sad that my weekend was over, I was happy to be home.  I missed B a lot whilst I was away and I really wish that he had come to the Finale to celebrate my success.  I was also happy to be home as I was excited to start Round 1 2013 of the 12WBT!!!

We don't want to go home!!

Well, that will be my last Finale post for a while.  I'm not going to the Round 1 Finale as I will be away.  The Round 2 Finale looks like it might fall on the weekend of my 30th Birthday, so I'm not sure if I will be going.  It will depend on where the Finale will be, how much money I have and what I want to do for my birthday.

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