Friday, 15 February 2013

Brisbane Finale Group Workout!

Saturday morning began the festivities of the 12 Week Body Transformation Finale.  My day actually began at 4am.  And not on purpose either.  As most Australian's would know, Queensland does not participate in day light savings like the rest of Australia.  This means that in Queensland, the sun rises at 4am and sets around 6.30pm.  The blinds in my hotel room weren't the best, so when the sun rose at 4am I did too.

Not impressed with being woken up so early!

Most of us decided that the Michelle Bridges workout wasn't going to be enough for our Super Saturday Session.  We wanted to work hard whilst we were in Brisbane, so we decided to participate in Parkrun at Southbank, which was a short walk from the Brisbane Convention Centre where the Finale Workout was being held.  Parkrun is a specially organised weekly 5km timed run that operates around the world.  It originated in London and has spread around many parts of the world since.

All of us just before the run

The run was a lot of fun.  It was interesting to run around Brisbane and having no idea as to where I was or how far I had to go to the finish line.  This particular Parkrun actually had a huge increase in people participating that weekend as a lot of people going to the 12WBT Finale Workout also decided to do Parkrun.  All I have to say is that the Queensland 12WBT ladies are lovely!  They would all say hello to us and welcomed us to Brisbane.  They also loved our tops.  I even had a lovely lady run with me for the last kilometre and we then had a little chat afterwards.

I will admit that although it was only a 5km run, it was difficult.  Brisbane is way more humid than Melbourne, so the humidity was something we all struggled with.  It was also pretty hot too.  Normally if you run at 7am on a Saturday morning in Melbourne it is nice and cool, so this run was a shock to the body clock.  In addition, the run also included some stairs, which were a killer!

After the run we were completely stuffed!

After the run, a chat with the organisers of Parkrun Southbank and a bottle or two of water, we made our way over to the Convention Centre for the Finale Workout.  We hung out in the front foyer for a while and then we ventured inside.

Me being a dork with Michelle

This finale was completely different to the last finale.  The one in Sydney was outside, however this one was inside.  There were big screens so everyone could see and the stage was setup in the middle.  After eating our healthy breakfast we went over towards the stage and watched a some of the Fitness Challenges.

I also spent my time stalking looking for a Bella, aka Sailor Vee.  She has lost a whopping 41kgs and looks stunning!!  She won Blogger of Round 3 2012 and her blog is one of my favourite reads.  It was lovely to meet her and she was so friendly.  Go check her blog out to see how well she has done -

Me and Bella!

And how cool are our tops?  We got many positive comments about them.  It was nice to be part of a team that I can relate to too.  Last Round I wore my Victoria Crew Top, however I decided not to wear it this round as I really feel that the North West Melbourne 12WBT Crew has offered me a lot of support over the last 6 months and it is the right thing to do.

Even the North West Melbourne 12WBT Crew look cool from the back!

Just before the Finale Workout was about to start, all of the Queenslander's marched around the Convention Centre with pride.  The people of Queensland have been through a lot in the last couple of months... well actually years to be honest.  First it was the drought that lasted many, many years.  Then in 2011 came the floods that devastated almost the entire state.  And then unfortunately a couple of weeks prior to the Finale Queensland was hit with more floods.  Whilst the floods were not as bad as the floods of 2011, many people lost their homes.  A couple of people from the Wide Bay Crew lost their homes, so people were working hard to get everyone to donate money to help those people.

The lovely ladies of the Wide Bay Crew

And then the workout began.  It was hard.  Much harder than the one in Sydney.  This one was a boot camp style workout.  Pushups.  Sit ups.  Burpees.  Lunges.  All sorts of crazy exercise.   At the end I was sore, hot and sweaty!  My only criticism is that the venue was a little too small for 1,417 people to work out.  I was worried about me kicking people in the head and people kicking me in the head.  But it was heaps of fun either way!

Work it!

And how do you finish a workout?  With a photo with Michelle Bridges of course!  And she loved our tops.  In case you didn't know, we call ourselves The Transformers, therefore the Transformers logo on our top.

Mish with The Transformers!!!!

And the final pose of the workout.  I got everyone in an Aerobics 101 move to show off their toned legs and arms.

Don't we all look hot!!!!

After our workout we went and had some much deserved lunch.  We were all starving!

The Finale Workout was heaps of fun, even though it was a little squishy.

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