Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Bike Ride to B's New Office!

Today was a bike ride of my firsts.  It was my first bike ride after falling off my bike.  It was also my first bike ride where I rode into the city and today was the perfect day for it.

The reason why we decided to ride our bikes into the city is because B's work is moving offices and they will be located on St Kilda Road.  There is no free car parking (and what is around is very expensive), so B will have to go back to catching public transport, which he isn't happy about.  Whilst we live close to a tram and a train, B isn't looking forward to being crammed into a train and tram with hundreds of other commuters everyday.  So, he decided that he will start riding his bike to work.  Today's bike ride was to see how long it would take.

We rode from our house through the streets along to the Moonee Ponds Creek.  Unfortunately, the section of the Moonee Ponds Creek that is close to the city has been concreted and turned into a drain, which I think is pretty sad.

Moonee Ponds Creek, about to hit the city

Riding our bikes in the CBD was a lot easier than I expected.  I was a bit nervous about riding in the city as I thought it would be really busy and I would probably fall off my bike and get hit by a car.  Thankfully that didn't happen.  There are plenty of bike lanes and roads where cars are not allowed, so there was plenty of distance between me and the cars.

My old University - RMIT

After we got to B's new office we rode our bikes along to the Yarra River and had a little rest.

People relaxing along the Yarra River

Ah, I seriously love Melbourne!  It's the best city in the world!


And B!

I think I got my phone's camera lens dirty...

And then we rode all the way home again.

And I didn't get sunburnt either!

I decided to take another photo of the Moonee Ponds Creek where it hasn't been turned into a giant drain.  It looks so much nicer like that
That looks much better!

So my bike ride was about 47km to B's new office and back.  It was a pretty flat ride with a few small hill, so I only burnt about 916 calories.  That being said, my heart rate monitor was very happy with me as my heart rate was located within intensity level 1 and 2, which happens very rarely for me.  The heart rate monitor normally gets annoyed at me for always training in intensity level 3 (i.e. a much higher heart rate).

The ride took about 1 hour and 15 minutes each way, however B thinks he can do the ride in 1 hour (I slow him down a bit).

And now, after all that, it's time to sit at home, relax and do some blogging!

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