Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Top 5 Running Items!

I thought I would share with you the most important items that I run with.  It's always interesting to see what other people take running with them.  Whilst there are many things that I like to run with (I could show you every single top and shorts that I own from Lululemon), I decided to narrow it down to 5 items.

 1.  My Shoes - Asics Gel DS Trainer 17!!!

I love my Asics Gel DS Trainer 17!  I have been wearing Asics for many years, however I would normally wear either a Kayano or a Nimbus.  I actually only brought these shoes because I liked the colour.  I never intended to run in these shoes, however I did one day and fell in love with them.  They are comfortable and don't seem to be as heavy as the Kayano or Nimbus.  My feet and these shoes just go together so well!  Whilst my ones are available anymore, you can check out the new ones here!

2.  My Socks - More Mile Chicago Twin Layer Running Socks

My fellow blogger Running Through My Mind got me on to these socks when she heard that I was having issues with blisters at the end of 2012.  See, I think that some people underestimate the importance of socks.  They do a lot of work as they need to try and keep your feet cool and pull away all of the moisture.  These socks are fantastic as they have a thin layer on the inside which stops my feet from sweating like crazy and causing blisters.  I had to buy these socks online (the company is based in the UK), however they weren't too expensive and arrived pretty quickly.

3.  My Heart Rate Monitor - Polar FT 60

I have no idea how I ever exercised before getting my heart rate monitor.  Seriously, this is one of the best inventions ever.  If you were thinking about getting a heart rate monitor, I strongly recommend that you get one.  It helps you see how hard you have been working as you can see your heart rate.  It also makes me work even harder as I'm always trying to burn a certain amount of calories per session.  This one stores 100 data entries, so it is great to go back and see how I was training in the past.  It also does a weekly review, telling me how many hours I worked out, how many calories and the levels that I worked at.

4.  My iPod Nano

I love listening to music when I run.  The beat of the music makes me run.  Music can take my mind off my run when I am struggling.  It also distracts me when my thoughts are full of stress.  See, I'm not an Apple fan.  I don't have an iPod, MacBook thingo or an iPad. B and I are an anti-Apple family.  But, I do like my Nano and nobody else seems to make anything better (or anything similar at all).  Since it is small and light with a clip, I can clip it on to my sports top and not have to worry about it pulling my top down (and me then flashing everyone).  The screen rotates, so it is easy to use whilst running.

5.  My Phone - Samsung Galaxy S2

My phone is so important when I run.  It tracks my run on either Run Keeper or Map My Run.  It takes photos for me along my run.  It also makes me feel safe as I know I can call B or 000 if I need to.  It also provides me with entertainment, such as Facebook, then I need to whilst running.  And I love my Samsung S2.  I have dropped this phone a zillion times and the screen hasn't cracked.  The cover is looking a little worse for wear but it all still works.  And I don't have Apple Maps, so I always know that my GPS is in the correct location.

So what items are a must have for you when you run?

Any of my readers out there also a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S1, S2 or S3?


  1. Great Post Lou! And thanks for the link to my blog too :)

    My list of favourite things is pretty similar to yours, although recently I've made the switch from using an app on my iphone to record my runs to using an old Garmin watch that my fiance had finished with. It's just died on me so now I'm looking for a new one, and I think I really enjoy having the constant feedback of the watch as I always found it a bit awkward to look at my phone. Probably because me running is an exercise in awkwardness in general tho lol!

    Glad the socks are working out for you too! :)

    1. Thankfully I don't look at my phone when I run. I just keep my eye on my HRM. I tend to have a rough idea how far I have run when I am running, so there is no need to look at it. I just have it there to track my run's distance on running apps, along with taking photos and having that sense of security. I also like it cos it makes my butt look huge! lol!

      And those socks are the best!!!!!

  2. I really wish I had the foot pod that went along with my HRM but I just can't justify the cost. So I put up with the awkwardness of carrying my phone - but then again my phone is also my music player. I have oftern thought about changing my HRM over to a version more like yours - I have a polar RS300 as I feel as though being able to actually see how many calories I am burning might make a difference to my motivation levels.
    Other than that - a Hat and sunnies :)

    1. I have also thought about getting that foot pod thing too for my HRM, but I think that since I always run with my phone I really can't justify getting one. Plus, I'm not too sure about having something attached to my shoe. I know that I will probably lose it. One day when I have lots of money and nothing to spend it on then maybe I'll buy a HRM with a GPS.

      And I would definitely recommend getting a good HRM that tracks the number of calories that you are burning. Some days when I really can't be bothered running or cycling, I look at how many calories I have burnt and it really gives me that boost to go on. If the numbers are low I know I need to work my butt a bit more. And if the numbers are high I get excited and I work harder to burn even more calories!

    2. As it happened, the day I made this comment I was fiddling around with my HRM when I was out walking the dog and I managed to figure out how to display the calorie burn on my HRM as I was working out. Needless to say I was very happy!