Monday, 21 January 2013

Finally In My RPM Groove!

I thought I would just share a quick little post with you today as I am very excited about something that happened today.

I have finally gotten my mojo back on for RPM!!

Since I have been injured I have found it very hard to get back into cycle classes and RPM at the gym.  This has been as at first I found it difficult to peddle up the mountains whilst sitting and standing.  Then I found it hard to sprint on the bike as I felt like something in my leg muscles was pulling me back and stopping me from going fast.

Today I wasn't supposed to go to gym.  Monday was supposed to be a running day, however I had a massive head ache all day!  My head ache was so bad that not even Nurofen could take the pain away.  I wanted to exercise but I knew that a run would probably make my brain explode, so maybe RPM would be better.  I decided to go home after work and have a little 25 minute nap and then go to the gym for 6.30pm RPM class.

I am so glad that I made that decision as I had the best session that I have had for a long time.  I could power up all of the hills, either sitting or standing.  I could sprint as fast as I have ever been able to sprint.  My heart rate was going up high and I was on cloud nine!  I was smashing the session!

And at the end of the class I saw that I had burnt 450 calories.

I then decided to go for a quick and fast run on the treadmill to get my calories over 500.

Smashed it!

I am so happy with my effort.  As I sit here and type, my legs are so sore, but it feels good and I am so happy.  And I can proudly say that I've got my RPM groove back!

Did you go to an RPM or cycle class today?  Did you give it your all like me and smash it?

If you didn't go to RPM or cycle what exercise did you do today?


  1. Did your headache clear up? I had a massive headache on Monday too but I dragged myself to my yoga course anyway. Unfortunately my headache was still there afterwards but not worse.

    1. That sucks that you had a bad headache too. Monday must have been the day of headaches. I guess that happens after the weekend.

      Thankfully my headache disappeared as soon as I got on the bike in the class, which was good. My favourite instructor took the class, so I think the excitement of being in her class took my mind off my headache and helped it clear. It did start to come back just as I was about to go to bed but thankfully it was fully gone by the time I woke up the next day.