Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 Goals

For the past week I have been busy thinking about my goals for 2013.  I have work related goals, personal life goals and of course, health and fitness goals.  Whilst I would love to tell you about all of my goals, my work goals would either bore you or confuse you (and mainly because I can't share my occupation with you for privacy reasons).

I can however share my personal goals, and health and fitness goals.

As I have learned through the 12WBT, work training session and from life in general, when setting goals you need to carefully think about them.  You need to be precise with your wording.  It needs to be measurable and have time frames.  There is no point saying 'I want to run 10km' and that's it.  You need to say when you want to do it by, otherwise it becomes a goal that goes on forever and you will never achieve it.  You need to say something like 'I want to run 10km by 1st June 2013'.

You also need to be realistic.  If you say that 'I am going to lose 10kg in two weeks', well that is totally unrealistic, unless you were going to have your arm chopped off or something.  There is no way you could achieve there.  You need to make sure your goals are realistic as if they aren't you will be depressed that you aren't achieving them.

I also think that you need to make sure that your goals are a challenge too.  You don't want them to be too easy.  You need to work for them.  So instead of saying 'I will lose 10kg by 31st of December 2013', bring the date in closer - give yourself until June or say that by December you want to lose 20kg.  I did that in the last round of 12WBT.  I originally wanted to lose 5kg at the start, but I pushed it forward to 7kg and ended up losing 8kg.  That extra push to lose weight made me work even harder.

I also find that breaking your big goals into little goals makes things easier too and keeps you on track.

You also need to remember that you can come back to your goals and add to them as the year progresses.  Your life and desires will change over the year, so you need to update your goals to go with it.  You might have a new job, a new passion (such as a sport or hobby), a new relationship.  You might even be living somewhere different.  These things will make you want to include new goals in your life, or maybe tweak some others goals for the better.

So what are my goals for 2013?  Well, here they are!

3 Month Goals

  • To reach my goal weight.
  • To go mountain biking off the beaten track.
  • To successfully run 15km in Run 4 the Kids.

6 Month Goals

  • To go to Europe and have fun!
  • To maintain my goal weight, even after my six week trip to Europe.
  • Having a closer relationship with my sister in-law.

9 Month Goals

  • To run a half marathon.
  • To incorporate a minimum of two weights sessions a week into my exercise routine.
  • To maintain my goal weight.

12 Month Goals

  • To learn how to swim (yes, I am bad at swimming due to my fear of water).
  • To maintain my goal weight during the festive season.
  • To start and complete our backyard renovations.

I think that my goals are realistic and attainable.  I know that a common goal is to maintain my goal weight, however that is probably going to be a goal that I will need forever to make sure that I don't slip back into bad habits again.

I also have many goals around my fitness.  I want to continue running, which I will do by completing Run 4 the Kids and a half marathon.  I have deliberately spread them out to make sure that they are realistic.  Since I am going to Europe for 6 weeks at the end of April, it would be silly to try and run a half marathon in mid-June as I won't be able to train properly when I am on holiday.  I am planning on doing a half marathon in October as I will have plenty of time to train.

I have decided to put a goal in about incorporating weights into my exercise routine because I currently hardly ever do any weights.  I use to do them with my personal trainer back in early 2012, however since I have stopped seeing my trainer I don't do them anymore.  It is now time for me to push myself to do weights are they are beneficial.

I also want to learn how to swim.  That isn't really a fitness thing, more a getting over my fear of water thing.  I don't like deep water and I always panic at the thought of having to jump into deep water.  See, I fell into a pool when I was 5 and had to get pulled out of the water by my teacher.  Ironically, I was at a school swimming lesson.  Ever since then, I have not enjoyed deep water and I can't swim very well.  I want to get over my fear and finally be able to swim.

My other goals are more personal things.  I have been wanting to go to Europe for such a long time and finally we are going this year.  My goal is to enjoy every single moment of it - which I am sure that I will.  I also have a goal about doing up our backyard at home.  Its something that B and I talk about all the time and we have decided that it is finally time that we did it.

I have also said that I want a closer relationship with my sister in-law.  You would have noticed that there is nothing to measure it by.  I think relationships can be difficult to measure.  I am not close with my sister in-law, which disappoints me.  I don't have a sister (okay, I adopted one on the weekend) but my sister in-law is the closest person that I will have in my life to one.  To me, I would love to improve our relationship and become a bit closer.  Turning it into a goal will motivate me to try harder.

And finally, everyone seems to think that since B and I got married almost a year ago that we will either have a baby by the end of the year or be pregnant.  I just want to put it out there that since its not on my list of goals for 2013 that it isn't going to happen!  Maybe that'll happen in 5 years time... MINIMUM!!

Every three or so months I will update you with how I am proceeding with my goals.

What are your goals for 2013?  Do you have any really interesting ones?

Are your goals a mixture of personal, work, and health and fitness goals?

How do you think you will go achieving your goals?

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