Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Bestest Day Ever!

Today has been such a fantastic day!  It really can't get any better!

See, yesterday I wasn't having a good day.  I was feeling quiet down with things.  I was annoyed at myself for eating badly.  I was annoyed at my leg for being sore and I was sick and tired of only being able to do the cross trainer at the gym.  I was just sick and tired of everything.  I even wrote a 2000 word post about how annoyed I was at the world due to Christmas coming around too quickly, but I decided not to post it as it was too long to proof read.

Today was much better.

It all started in the morning.  I actually got to work at a reasonable time and wasn't one of the last people to stroll into the office.  Tick!

I was on an interview panel this morning for a position that I will be mentoring, so we had a couple of interviews.  Nothing really to report on that, but it meant that my day was a little different than usual.  I also felt very important at work.  Tick!

We had a morning tea for Team Challenge today.  I may have told you about this, but my work place has this thing called Team Challenge over 8 weeks.  Those who want to participate are placed into teams and we play sport against each other.  This year was volleyball, netball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, gym circuit, 4km run and the beep test.  We play all of this at lunch time.

I was the captain of The Dark Knights and we won!  Tick!

I was so happy!  It was very stressful running it and very time consuming.  But my team were fantastic and I think they liked me as I gave them chocolate for participating.

Me and my Captain trophy

This is actually the third time I have won Team Challenge as a captain, however it was my first year doing it alone as normally I captain the team with a friend of mine but he was on a different team this year.  And my team demolished his team (I am so not competitive at all). Tick!

Winning trophies from 2010, 2011 and 2012

We had a lovely lunch this afternoon at work.  I think I made a healthy choice as I had the vegetarian risotto.  I know that a salad would have been a better option but I didn't feel like eating lettuce today.  I did have a scone with jam and cream too.  The lunch was a Christmas lunch for the team I work with, so it was nice to sit with everyone and have a chat. Tick!

Mmmmmm!  Vegetarian risotto!

I went to the doctors this afternoon about my leg.  It doesn't seem to be getting better, even with the osteopaths help.  My doctor has referred me to get an ultrasound as he thinks I have ischial bursitis.  Hopefully the ultrasound will come back saying that is what I do have and we will be able to nip it in the butt - literally!  I will have to have a cortisone injection in the upper section of my hamstring near my butt/pelvis.  But I don't care as I am almost cured!

I then decided that I need to make sure my leg is really so when I have my ultrasound this week, so I decided to go for a run.  I will admit it was hard.  I hadn't prepared myself for the run, so I got a stitch at the very beginning right next to my belly button.  I took it easy but I ran 8km. It was not my best time, but I did it!  I was so happy!  If I can run 8km now, I will definitely be able to run 15km by the end of March.  Tick!

First run in a month and it was 8km!

And the best part of the day happened when I got home.  There was a package on the dining room table.  Tick!

Ruby and I with the package.  She was interested too!

I opened it.

What could it be?
Some Asics running shoes???

And these babies were inside!  TICK!!!!!!!

Each shoe is different!  Crazy!!!!

A huge thank you to my best friend Lou who lives in the US for sending me these shoes!  I saw them on the internet and I knew I had to have them!  The US has the best coloured Asics shoes and they are so much cheaper than Australia.  At work I am known for wearing very loud runners.  These ones will be talked about for years!

I have swapped the laces over as I think the yellow laces look better on the blue, pink and green runners.  But I so cannot wait to try them out and show everyone!

Did everybody else have an awesome day today?

Do you like my new runners?

What colour are your runners?

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