Tuesday, 11 December 2012

OMG - I Actually Won Something!

I'm one very happy lady today!!  For the first time in my life, I have actually won something!

A very happy me first thing in the morning!

Wait, that is not completely true.  In my life, I have won a few raffles and I have won one of the lower divisions in Tattslotto before, but I have never won anything that I have had to work for.  In sporting competitions at school I would always come 4th, so no ribbon for me!

As part of the 12WBT there are weekly competitions that you can enter to win prizes.  You actually have to do things to win the prizes - its not a name drawn out of a hat thing.  These competitions are called Weekly Surprises.  Week 2 Weekly Surprise was to create an inspiration board.  I didn't enter my inspiration board as I'm not that creative.

I did make one in Round 3 and it hangs up in my bathroom.  It inspires me for exercising, eating healthy, doing well at work and other bits and pieces.  I like my inspiration board, but I didn't nominate it as I didn't think it was anything special, but it suites me.

My Inspiration Board

My friend Kate from the 12WBT was one of 10 people who who won the competition.  I saw her inspiration board and it was beautiful as it was shaped like a tree and had pictures hanging off it.  She is so creative!

Anyway, Week 3s competition was about Blogging.  I decided that I would give it a crack, which is why you probably noticed that my Blog had a bit of a make over last week.  I explained to B that I wanted to win the competition, so I would have to neglect him and housework in order to fix up my Blog.  Thankfully he was fine with that.

All I have to say is that trying to make my Blog look pretty was hard work!  I'm not the most IT savvy person, but I know how to use Word, Paint and Powerpoint, so anything I had to do used those programs.  It was though, but I got there.

I also decided to put a little more effort into my posts too.

At the start of this week I have to admit that I was feeling a little down with my Blog. I kinda felt that I was annoying everyone on my local 12WBT Facebook page with my Facebook posts saying that I had another post for everyone to view.  I also felt that maybe my posts were boring.

But thankfully, I woke up this morning to two messages from my friend Raelene saying that I had won!!!!!!  I was one of 10 people who won the 12WBT Blogger Weekly Surprise!!!  That was a lovely start to the morning.  I then made my breakfast and rushed up to my computer to check my emails and there it was!

I won!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and yes, I edited the email as it was so long!)

I then called B and Mum to tell them all what had happened. I don't really care about the prize that much, it is just so nice to be recognised that people actually think my Blog is fantastic!  It has also inspired me to keep on going with it, even after Round 4 and Round 1 2013 is finished (I am not doing Round 2 as I won't be in Australia for the majority of it - I will explain that in a post next year).

So, I am one very happy lady this morning!  I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog, as without you I wouldn't be doing this.  I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to either comment on my blog or on Facebook or in person about how much they like my Blog and how much it inspires them.

I would like to also thank the people who's Blogs I follow as they are also the people who motivated me to do my own Blog.

My final thank you is to Tania and Raelene for nominating my Blog! Without you two I wouldn't be feeling so happy today!  And also a thank you to anyone else who nominated it and didn't tell me.

Thank you Tania and Raelene!!!!!


  1. Fantastic win, and now I have another blog to read and keep me motivated. Keep up the brilliant work. Congratulations!


    1. Thanks Carol! So glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog!!!