Thursday, 27 December 2012

Injury Update

I have had many people asking me through Facebook how my injuries are going since I seem to be doing a bit of cardio exercise.  I thought it would be a good time to update you all.

Just in case you didn't know, my left leg has been giving me a bit of trouble over the last month or so.  It all started with a pain in my left hamstring.  I decided to go to my osteopath to get him to have a look.  He congratulated me as I was finally an athlete as I had a Grade 1 Hamstring Strain.  I was told to rest it and ice it every day.

For the first week I was good and I would ice my hamstring every night for 2 hours (20 minutes ice, 20 minutes rest, and repeat).  I stopped exercising, although I did a little upper body weights.  When I saw my osteopath the next week, he gave me the all clear to ride my bike as that wouldn't aggravate my injury.

Yay!!  Back to bike riding!!!
A week later, I developed a new pain.  This one was more towards in hip on my left leg. It hurt all the time when I walked.  My osteopath did some massage on it to see if it could alleviate some of the pain, but it didn't help.

I decided that it was time that I book myself into the doctor.  I don't doubt my osteopaths ability to help me, however I thought that maybe a second opinion and maybe some tests would help.  When my doctor examined my leg, he noticed that my pain in my hip was more towards my lower back section of my pelvis, right near the boney bit on your butt that you sit on.   He thought that I might have Ischial Bursitis.  My heart sank as it was bursitis again but then my hopes went up as it can be treated easily.  My doctor ordered an ultrasound to see what was wrong.

Ischial Bursitis is the inflammation of the ischiogluteal bursa.  A bursa is a sack of fluid between the soft tissues in your joint.  The ischiogluteal bursa is located just under your butt check.  I googled the condition and the symptoms the same as what I was experiencing.  I thought that I had found out what was wrong with me.  The cure was easy - a corticosteroid injection.  The injection would be able to reduce the inflammation and then I would be able to work with my osteopath in correcting my legs and back to prevent it from happening again.

Location of Ischial Bursitis

When I told my osteopath that my doctor thought that I had ischial bursitis, his normally happy face fell and he looked really concerned.  This would have been the third time this year that I had bursitis (I had it in both shoulders at the same time from June to September this year - worst pain ever!).  I've also had a few issues with the movement in my right hand due to the removal of a ganglion cyst when I was 16 years old.  He was really worried about the condition of my joints and the associated soft tissue.  He stressed that a corticosteroid injection might do more damage than good.

Shoulder Bursitis

During this time, I decided to take up running again.  There was some logic behind my madness.  I wanted to make sure that for my ultrasound that my hamstring muscle was sore and that my ischiogluteal bursa was really inflamed.  I needed the ultrasound to show what was wrong.

When I would run the first 1-2km would hurt.  My legs would feel like they weighed a tonne.  My hamstring felt tight.  My left leg hurt.  But after a while, my legs would loosen up and they would start to feel good.  About 80% of the pain went away.  After a few runs I didn't feel like I was injured when I ran.  When I would wake up in the morning I would feel almost normal.  I was moving around freely.  I felt good.

But I knew that the problem was still there.  If I pressed on the middle of my left hamstring or under my butt cheek it would hurt.  If I sat down for too long my leg would start to hurt.  I couldn't do any standing on the bike work in cycle class.

I had my ultrasound on Monday and I got told that my doctor would have the results by Thursday evening.  I called the doctors this morning and I asked for my results.  The receptionist told me that the results indicated that there was nothing wrong and no follow up with the doctor was required.  I was gobsmacked!  Nothing was wrong, yet I was in pain.  Sure, since I have been running again the pain is a little better, but I am still in pain and no one knows why.  I need to know why so I can fix it.  I need to know why so I don't do any permanent damage.  I told the receptionest that I would need to book another appointment with the doctor for Monday as this needs to be sorted out.

When I got off the phone I turned to B and told him that the ultrasound showed that there was nothing wrong with my leg.  And I then cried.  I just want to be fixed.  I just want my leg to get better.  I really want to do Run 4 the Kids next year.  I need to be able to run 15km.  I know that I can do it now, however I don't want to injure myself further between now and March.  I'm also going to Europe in April, so I don't want my pain in my leg whilst we are over there.

So, I still have no answers.  I am probably going to start taking matters into my own hands.  I am now taking viatmins for joints.  I will visit the osteopath once a fortnight to see if he can work out what is going on.  He will also do dry needling, which I hate as it really hurts, but it stimulates blood supply to the surrounding muscles, which should help my injury heal.  I will now start searching for ways to get my leg better.  I will keep you posted.

And on top of the issues with my leg, I am also having issues with blisters, which you would all know about from a previous entry.  I had a huge blister on my left foot, however that was my own fault.  I didn't wear the right type of socks for a 13.5km run.  I just wore my favourite Asics socks, however the socks are pretty thin.  My feet also sweat bucket loads of water when I run, so I am prone to blisters as the environment in my shoes and socks is perfect.

My blister on my left food was huge.  I had to perform a mini medical procedure at home where I sterilised a needle, poked a hole into the blister to drain it, wiped it with antiseptic cream, put Vaseline on the blister and then covered it in sports tape.  Whenever I would run, I would have to put Vaseline on the popped blister and then more sports tape.  The purpose of the Vaseline is to ensure that the sports tape doesn't stick to the blister and rip it open, which would cause even bigger problems.

This went well for a few days, until a had an allergic reaction to the sports tape.  I should have known that would have happened as I was allergic to the stuff as a kid, however I thought I might have grown out of it.  Now the top of my foot has puffed up and I have a lovely weeping scab that gets itchy in the evening.

Yuck!!  My allergic reaction to sports tape!

B has a good laugh about everything that is going on.   He keeps telling me that he has a broken wife and that we need to take me back to the manufactures to get me fixed.  That makes me laugh too.  If only it were that easy!

"In sickness and in health, and when your body falls apart due to exercise injuries..."

Does anyone else have any injuries that they cannot get over?

Anybody else had Ischial Bursitis or something similar?

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