Friday, 7 December 2012

Eeekkk!! Five Red Flags In One Week!!

In the 12WBT program we are taught that in our diaries or calendars, we should have Red Flags on the days that we are going to find it difficult to eat well and exercise.  This might be because we have something in our lives that prevents us from following the program, such as dinner with family and friends, work functions, etc. 


Normally during my week, I would only have maybe one Red Flag Day.  Only having one a week is easy for me to deal with.  It generally means that exercise wise, I generally use that day as my rest day and then the days afterwards I work really hard at the gym.  If I can though, I do try and squeeze a gym session in on that day.  Eating wise, I do allow myself to splurge a little on the Red Flag Day as it doesn't happen very often.

However, if I look over the next week, I can see FIVE Red Flags!  Yes, that is right!  Five Red Flags.  I have never, ever had that many in one week.

Count them - Five Red Flags! (Source
Now, I could just turn around and tell people that I cannot catch up with them.  Bad luck!  The 12WBT is more important.  It is more important for me to stay focused.  The old me would have said that.  Or I could turn around and say that I should just run wild this week and eat as much as I can.  What is the point of eating healthy and exercising if I have these Red Flag Days that can ruin it all?  The old me would have definitely said that.

But the new me is looking at this calmly.  The new me is working out strategies to get me through the next week.  Now, firstly, I have to be honest with myself.  I have to tell myself that this week is going to be tough.  At our next weigh in we probably won't lose weight.  BUT we must make sure that we maintain what we have lost.  That will then mean that I have to be good but I don't have to be super strict and not have fun.

So, I will tell you about all of the days that I have ahead and what I will be doing to overcome those Red Flag Days.

Saturday: Dinner With The Parents!
B's parents and my parents are coming over to my house for dinner to celebrate Christmas early.  My plans are to serve healthy food.  For dinner I will be serving the 12WBT Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni from Round 3 (B and I's favourite meal!).  Its low in calories, filling and delicious!  I will also serve a side salad full of yummy veggies, which I will eat plenty of.  Dessert is a triple chocolate cheesecake, but I will make sure that the servings are small.

Exercise wise, I have time to exercise during the day.  B and I are going on a big bike ride to the beach and back, so I am certain I will burn plenty of calories!
Christmas Dinner!
Tuesday: Dinner With Some Fellow 12WBTers!
I will be getting up at 5am in the morning to go to the gym.  In an hour I can burn 500 calories on the cross-trainer without aggravating my hamstring, which is perfect.  During the day I will Google the name of the restaurant and find out what is on the menu. That will help me make the best food choices.  The weigh-in is also the next day, so I won't be tempted to go crazy too!

Best to check the menu before you go so you don't order strange food!
Wednesday: Dinner With Some Old Work Friends!
My favourite people in the world to catch up with, although it normally results in drinking too much wine! It is a work night, so I can't really drink as going to work with a hang-over isn't cool.  I can't control the menu (I know we are having nachos), but I can control what I drink.  Water for me!  I've also got the day off work, so I will go for a nice bike ride, which will burn a heap of calories.  It is also supposed to be a nice day too, so I am looking forward to it.
Staying out late on work nights is hard and results in sleeping at work!

Thursday: Drinks With The Work Lawyers!
These lawyers certainly put on a good spread!  But once again, its a work night, so I don't really drink.  Also, I'm going to this event to socialise and network, not to get drunk.  You don't want to get drunk at these events as it could be bad for your career too!  The drinks are on from 5.30, so I will take an extra small meal to work and eat it at 4.00 as a dinner replacement.  That will stop me from snacking on too many canapes.  I'll also be going to the gym at 5.00am too!  That means I won't be staying out too late too!
Drinking too much can result in silly behaviour and bad photos!
Friday: B's Works Christmas Party!
Another morning of getting up at 5am to hit the gym, but at least it will be the last time!  Thankfully, I am driving, so that means no drinking for me.  Plus, I have never met these people before, so I don't want to get drunk and make a fool of myself.  I think its finger food, so I shall make sure that we have dinner before we leave!

No drinking these and then driving as it results in losing your drivers license!
When I break it down and look at it like this, I know I can stay in control of the next week.  I know I might make a few mistakes, but I don't see myself stuffing up and throwing in the towel.

I don't feel I am being unrealistic too.  I don't want to be drinking on a work night as it makes going to work the next day too hard.  I am going to all of these events to see people and have fun, not to get drunk or to over eat.

I will certainly keep you all informed on how I go during the week!

Have you got many Red Flag days over the Festive Season?

What are you doing to make sure that you exercise and don't over-eat?

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