Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Very Different Christmas Tale

Finally the big day had arrived - Christmas Day!  I think I might have been a little bit excited that it was Christmas Day as I woke up an hour before my alarm, although I did stay in bed and played with my phone.

Merry Christmas from Lady Lou, B and the furry kids Ruby and Roxy

My parents always come over to our place on Christmas morning to open presents and have breakfast.  I was very happy with my presents this year.  B got me some new shorts that I wanted but could never find in my size, some riding gloves, a light for my bike and other bits and pieces.  My parents gave me a docking station for my iPod Nano, which will I can add to my home gym.

The best thing I got was a big decorative jar from the Candy Buffet, which was full of chocolates and lollies in purple and white.  Just to let you know, I'm not interested in the lollies.  I really wanted the jar!  We had a Candy Buffet at our wedding, so I wanted a jar as a memento.

My pride and joy!

I think that our cats Roxy and Ruby got the best presents of all.  They got ping-pong balls, which Ruby loved!  We already have a heap in our house, but they seem to go missing as they get knocked under the furniture.  Plus, you can never have too many ping-pong balls.  The best present of all was this thing that you put food in and the cats have to knock the food down to the bottom in order to eat it.  I was a little worried that they wouldn't understand how to use it, but they caught on to it quickly.

Ruby trying to get some food!

But Ruby thinks the coolest present was the box that her toy came in.

Ruby hiding in the box!

My side of the family always goes out for Christmas lunch.  As all of our family is overseas, Christmas lunch is just my parents, B and myself.  We always go out to nice places that have a delicious meal and a lovely atmosphere.

Beautiful table setup too!

B and I just before the man came out to sing Christmas Carols, which I'm not a big fan of.  I don't like Christmas Carols that much, but I suppose that would happen after working in retail for 8 years and having to listen to them for 3 months of the year in the shopping centre.

B and I with our Christmas hats.

My mum loves Christmas Carols and loves it when the guy comes out to sing them with his guitar.  He even gave her a tambourine to play and she was over the moon.  They made her and a few other people get up and walk/dance around the room with their instruments.  Dad and I were dying of embarrassment.

Mum having fun whilst playing the tambourine!

But then the guy came back and picked on my dad.  But I don't think he played it, he just sat there holding it and smiling.

It took 10 attempts to get a photo of my dad not being silly.

After lunch we went to B's parents place to open presents with them.  I told them that I would have to leave early as I was planning to go for a run at 4.30.  Whilst I was sitting with them all opening presents I started to feel a little ill, but I just ignored it.

And then I met up with a fellow 12WBTer to go for an 8km run.  It was FANTASTIC!!  I have never exercised on Christmas Day, but it was really lovely.  There were people walking around the river, Christmas parties in the park and kids out riding their new bikes.  It was also the perfect temperature to run, although it was a little windy.
Proof that we exercised!

When I got home I really started to feel sick.  Like really sick.  B felt a little off, but not like me (And no, it wasn't from Christmas lunch but from the chicken we ate the day before).  In the end, B left me at home and he went out to have dinner with this mum's side of the family.  Thankfully my mum came to the rescue and sat with me for a few hours so I wasn't alone at Christmas.

But in the end, it was just Roxy and I chilling out on the couch, watching The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Specials and then Meet Me In St Louis.  Ruby was MIA as usual, but I had my little Roxy and that was all that mattered.
My little fur baby Roxy!

What did you get up to for Christmas?

Did you do any exercise on Christmas Day?  Did you go for a run?  A bike ride?  A walk?

Was anybody else unwell at Christmas like me?

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  1. Hiya, it sounds like you had a great Christmas (apart from feeling sick in the arvo) and I agree, I have never exercised on Christmas day either, I mean ... Come on!! But how brilliant it was. I got up early and went for a morning jog (there are pics on my blog courtesy of hubby). What a great way to set up for a day of success. Love your fur babies, particularly that foo food container for them, brilliant.