Thursday, 22 November 2012

Your RPM Class Needs YOU!

Currently my favourite class to take at the gym is RPM.  I think that is the best class in the world!  There is nothing better than riding a stationary bike at the gym in a class and smashing it out!
Les Mills - RPM!
What is the difference between RPM and Cycle Class you may ask?  Well, RPM is a Les Mills class that is offered by many gyms.  An instructor takes you through the class and you ride in time to the music.  It's basically like a dance as there are set moves that you have to do in time to the music.  All of the instructors have to be specially trained to teach the class, so no matter what gym you go to all RPM Classes are the same. The class goes for 45 minutes and they say that you burn 675 calories on average.  Its also great for people who can't run as its gentle on your joints.

Every class starts out like this:-
  1. Warm Up - Starting track!
  2. Pace - Starting to ride a little faster.
  3. Hills - Increasing the resistance and start standing up on the bike.
  4. Mixed Terrain - Mix of speed and hills.
  5. Intervals - Standing up and sitting down.  Great for burning calories!
  6. Speed Work - Riding as fast as you can but also preparing for the next track...
  7. Mountain - The main reason why you are there.  Also great for toning your legs!
  8. Ride Home - Cooling down
  9. Stretch - Most important track to prevent injury!
Every couple of months a new release comes out, so you get to listen to new music and learn new moves.  And when I am talking about 'moves' all I am meaning is that you switch between sitting on the bike and then standing up.  Its not too hard.  The music is pretty good too.  Its normally a mix of Top 40 stuff - they seem to love Katy Perry, and a bit of their own dance music.

Cycle class on the other hand is generally similar but its just the instructor making up their own routine to the music.  I tend to stick to RPM as I know what I am going to get.
A blurry artistic photo of me at RPM Class
So why is it that I love RPM?  Well, after I injured my knee back at the start of 2011 I couldn't run anymore.  I was worried that I would lose my fitness, so I started doing RPM classes at the gym.  In an RPM class I could still get the same buzz as what I got running but it didn't hurt my knee.  My gym also offers 2 hour Cycle Classes every now and then with a fantastic instructor, so I also feel like that gives me the buzz I would get when I would go for a really long run.  I also figured that a 2 hour Cycle Class is 20 minutes shy of my time in my half marathon, so that makes me feel like I've had an awesome, hard and amazing workout!  I always feel so proud after I finish it, especially if I am the only woman who does.

RPM has also kept me really fit.  I found that after doing RPM for a while, when I would jump on a treadmill I could still run a considerable distance.  Last week I did a 4km run with work and came 4th out of the women (I would have come 3rd if my friend didn't convince me to walk with him for a couple of minutes) and I think that's a fantastic achievement considering I don't run much anymore.  It also tones your legs up really well too.  As I have been doing RPM for over 18 months and I am now losing weight I am really starting to discover some amazing muscles in my legs.
Wow!!!!  Look at those RPM legs!!!!
RPM also requires very little coordination, which is prefect for me as I am so not coordinated.  You also get to work at your own pace.  You are in control of the resistance of your bike.  You can go as hard as you want, like on your Super Saturday Sessions, or as easy as you want, like say if you have sore legs after a weights session.

Now I will admit, the first RPM class can be scary.  Just make sure you arrive at the class 10-15 minutes prior to the class starting and tell the instructor that you are new.  They will help you set up your bike and tell you about the basics.  And remember that everyone in the class is too involved in themselves to worry about you, so no one will be looking at you.  Just don't sit there in a class with your friend talking the whole time as that will draw attention to you - and someone like me will tell you off!!  I will also advise you that your butt will be sore the next day after the class, but after you do a few classes your butt will get use to the seat and you will be fine!

So, get off your butt and head down to your gym and go and try an RPM class!  It really is a lot of fun.  Maybe I will see you there!!!

Did you decide to try an RPM Class or Cycle Class today?

What did you think of it?

If you already do RPM or Cycle Classes tell me why you enjoy them so much?


  1. Hi Lady Lou Lou,
    I just found your blog. Like you, I don't need to lose massive amounts of weight. We are the same height and at the moment I weigh about 63kg. It's that thing of being uncomfortable in size 10, but size 12 is too big.
    I've never heard or RPM before and I didn't think I wanted to join a gym but after reading your post I'm beginning to rethink things. Thanks for sharing that information. It was really interesting and encouraging. All the best for your continuing with the exercise and maintaining a fabulous figure :-)

    1. Hi Meanie,
      Glad to hear that you liked my Blog :) And thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I will most certainly head over to your blog and have a read :)

      And I think that you should definitely give RPM a go! Just try it once, actually I would say twice, and see what you think. Or you could just ride your bike as that is just as good.