Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Round 3 Finale Time!!!!

And now it is time for the post that everyone has been waiting for - MY TRIP TO SYDNEY!!!!  I even skipped the gym to write this post... actually, that is a lie.  My afternoon is going bad, so I will go to gym after dinner.  Hopefully I will have more luck then.

So on Thursday night Raelene and I began our journey to Sydney by meeting at the airport and having a lovely chat over a glass of wine.  We boarded the plan and went off to Sydney, arriving around 8.30pm.  We checked into our hotel at the Vibe Hotel Rushcutters, which wasn't too far from all of our events on Saturday.  The hotel was okay, although I probably wouldn't stay there again considering how much we paid (but accommodation was limited as Coldplay had multiple concerts that weekend).  We asked for two single beds and got given a double.  We waited 30 minutes for someone to set up two single beds, yet no one came.  We called again and finally someone came and made our beds up.  We also had a bad nights sleep as the room was pretty bright and noisy from the traffic (my room at home is pitch black and hardly any cars drive past my house so its quiet, except for my cats crying).

We began Friday by traveling by train to Circular Quay and having a delicious breakfast of an omelette with toast and orange juice.  It was delicious.  Good thing we had a big breakfast as we were about to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 11.05am, which takes about 3.5 hours in total, so we would be starving in the end.
Yummy breakfast!
Preparation to climb the bridge takes about an hour.  You have to sign some forms, take a breath test, get dressed in their funny jumpsuits, get all of your gear and practice walking along ladders.
Me and Raelene in our cool clothes before the climb
The climb was amazing.   I am afraid of heights, so I did find the start scary as you are walking along a section that is only 10 metres above the road.  The ladders were also a little scary, mainly because the steps were small and I was a little worried that my ladies size 8 feet were too big to fit on the steps.  The walk up the main structure was not scary at all as it is so wide and you're not walking close to the edge.  I also think it was because part of me was taking in the views and the other half was concentrating on placing my foot on the steps that I forgot to be scared.  The views at along the top were spectacular and you can see for miles.  Whilst it was a little cloudy, we had a good view.
Me at the top!!!
I think one of the coolest things I saw was a ravens nest, which is on the top of the bridge.  Each year the same birds keep coming back and have their babies in a nest on the top of the bridge.  I think that it is very smart as there would be no predators, however the adult ravens would have to keep an eye on the baby ravens to make sure that none fall out.  It also means that when they are learning to fly they cannot make a mistake.

Later that day Kate and Tania joined us in Sydney and it was time to go out for dinner for Raelene's birthday!  Whilst her birthday was on the Saturday, we decided to celebrate it a day earlier.  We went to a lovely restaurant called the Waterfront Restaurant and the food was delicious!  Tania even organised with the staff at the restaurant to have a sparkler in Raelene's dessert.  When it came out we all sang 'Happy Birthday' and even some of the patrons sang along, to which Raelene went bright red.  I think she was very surprised at what we had pulled off.
Happy Birthday Raelene!
Saturday was the big day!  Time to do out 12 Week Body Transformation Final Super Saturday Session!  We all got up early and headed off to Queens Park for the big workout.  The morning began with breakfast - all of which was approved my Michelle Bridges and low in calories.  We sat down and watched the heats for the Fitness Challenge and chatted away.  I even got to catch up with my friend Carine who I haven't seen in years as she moved to Sydney.  She is doing Round 4, so I invited her to come and train with us.
Me and Carine
Around 11am it was time to start the big workout session at the Main Stage.  It was awesome.  Thankfully I had done a few of Michelle Bridge's dvds as I knew the basics for some of the aerobic routines. I have really bad coordination, so I found the new moves a bit difficult.
Main Stage
 Then Michelle and some of the trainers came down to the smaller stage that was near me.  We then started doing some group activities that were heaps of fun.
Vic Crew in action - yes that is me crawling
The day was heaps of fun and was finished off with a Vic Crew Group photo with Michelle Bridges.
Vic Crew
Actually, the last photo was with the 'DVD Guy' from Michelle's workout dvds.  I believe his name is Shaun but he seemed quiet happy to be recognised and called DVD Guy.
The DVD Guy!!!!
That evening was the Round 3 Finale Cocktail Party.  The theme of the night was supposed to be Enchanted Garden, but to me it seemed more like a night club with a few trees and fake grass.  Nevertheless, it was still fun.  We got to watch a short presentation about the round and our training group also made a short appearance.  They then brought up the Top 20 Finalists and announced all of the winners.  For the third year running the main title was taken out by a Victorian!  There was also finger food, however that didn't last long as there were over 1,000 hungry women.  They also had a photo both that you could take photos in, which was pretty cool.
Four hot chicks!
The highlight of the night would have to be getting a picture with Michelle Bridges.  Raelene got her's first as she told them that it was her birthday.  I later stalked got a photo with her too.  I then encouraged Tania and Kate to get one too.
Me and Michelle - I'm an absolute awe!
After getting the photo we were all on cloud nine and had a blast!  The night finished at 11pm and as we exited we were given a goodie bag, which I was not expecting.  It was pretty cool as it has a Women's Health Magazine, low calorie food, tea, tooth paste, sunscreen etc.
My bag of goodies!!!
Sunday was pretty quiet as although we were not hungover, we were tired.  Actually, my feet were hungover from wearing heals and dancing from the night before.  Raelene and I went  and had breakfast and then did a little shopping in Sydney.  She brought herself some perfume whilst I brought myself some cool shoes.  Tania left us that morning as she was going out with her partner.  Kate also decide to walk to go to Manly but in the end she went for a walk around Sydney.  That afternoon Kate, Raelene and I departed for the airport.  We said goodbye to Kate as we were on different flights.  Unfortunately we were stuck on the runway for 40 minutes as the flights were delayed due to an upcoming storm.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend!  It was fun to train with a huge group of people and it was fun to train with Michelle Bridges.  This trip has also hopefully cemented in three new friendships.  It has also motivated me to complete Stage 2 of my goals.  I am keen to eat well and keen to exercise.

I can't wait to go to Brisbane in February.  We are going to start organising our trip now so we can book some fantastic accommodation. Yay!!!  Another girls weekend!

Well, there it is!  And sorry to anyone reading this on their phone.  The post probably went forever!  But I hope you enjoyed reading it!!

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