Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Did I Seriously Manage To Do That?

So, it's almost the end of Round 3 in the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.  Tomorrow evening I will be heading off to Sydney to participate in the Group Super Saturday Session, as well as attending the Finale Cocktail Party.  Whilst the Round is supposed to be over on Sunday, Round 3 really ends tomorrow for me as I'll be in Sydney and it'll be impossible to follow the program, but I will eat well and exercise.

Now would be time to reflect on my journey.  I am so happy with what I have achieved.  Originally, when I signed up, I picked a goal weight and looked at it for a while.  I then decided that I could do better than that and dropped off another 2kg, which would  result in a total weight loss of 9.2kg.  Whilst I didn't exactly achieve that goal, I did get under my first goal, which I was happy about.  In total, I have lost 7.5kg, which is 11.2% of my body weight.  I am extremely happy with that number.  Its more than I have ever lost on any other diet program (except when I had my wisdom teeth out and couldn't eat for weeks).

Me right at the start of Round 3

Not only am I happy with the numbers but I am also happy with the way I am eating.  I remember before Round 3 started I went to the doctors as I had been having problems with my guts (to put it nicely).  I got told that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and to basically work out what upset my stomach and to cut that food out.  I also got told that stress probably wasn't helping either (I was under a bit of stress at work).  I have found that the 12WBT hasn't caused any issues with my IBS and I don't have any symptoms anymore.

I'm also happy with my eating because I am eating way better.  I have always known what food is healthy and what isn't, what to eat in moderation and what to avoid.  However, I tend to get tired of always having to pick our meals at home, so I start to make bad choices.  But the 12WBT means that someone else has picked what I need to eat, has given me the recipes and a shopping list.  Now I have a heap of new recipes to add to my list, so I shouldn't get too bored anymore.

Exercise wise, I have come a long way.  I have been very lucky with my fitness as I really shouldn't be as fit as I am.  I am a bit of a freak (but I will tell you more about that another day).  But I love to exercise!  There is nothing better than getting your heart rate up, sweating and feeling those endorphins.  I also love to challenge myself and exercise does that for me.  But for a while, I was getting bored and lazy with exercise.  I use to be a long distance runner but I got injured, so its all over for me now.  I started doing cycle classes at the gym, but whilst they were good, they didn't give me that buzz I needed.  Plus, I had no idea how I was going in those classes.  When you run you can measure how well you are going by recording your time and distance.  The bikes at my gym don't allow that, so I had to guess.  And I was guessing wrong!  When I got a heart rate monitor I realised how I had been slacking off and I needed to work harder.  And now I push myself hard.

Me auditioning for Farmer Wants a Husband - my legs look awesome!

I also feel more confident in myself as I am happier with the way I look.  I have noticed in the mirror the changes in me, which makes me feel good.  My face is thinner.  I finally got into a pair of black skinny leg jeans that I brought a while ago that were a tad too small.  All of my work pants are too big and I now have to wear a belt.  These things make me feel good about myself.  Also, the complements that people give me make me feel good too.  I'm getting so confident that maybe one day I will wear my favourite Lululemon shorts to a cycle class at the gym!

The thing that I am also grateful for in this round is the new friends I have made.  On the forum a group of us from the same area got together to have coffee to discuss the program.  This then resulted in a Facebook group being created, so I can always put a post up to get some advice or share a good (or bad) story.  We even got together to exercise on our Super Saturdays, which was heaps of fun.  I am even going to Sydney to the Finale with some of these new friends.  The others I will see again in Round 4, or on Facebook, or I might even catch up for a coffee with them.

So, I guess that it is time that I present my Before and After photos.  I am a little nervous as the only other person who has seen these photos is B.  So here it is:-

Results for Round 3 - 2012

I am happy with the results, but I can see that I have more work to do and I am only half way there.  Everything is slimmer and my stomach look heaps better.  I think I need to do a bit of toning too.

Bring on Round 4!  I am very excited and I am looking forward to sharing it with you!  In my next post I will have pictures from the Finale!!!

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